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Nowadays the Internet offers almost endless possibilities – we can even make money online and receive awesome prizes just for using special websites on the net. With this blog, which reveals the latest get paid to and work from home opps, I am trying to tell you, guys, that earning cash over the Internet (well, not just cash, but also great prizes) could be a lot of fun, you just have to find the matching websites (but I am here to help you out too).

In my previous posts I was writing a lot about social networks and web 2.0 projects, which can help you receive money and awesome prizes for being active. Also, there was a post about making money with forums, which got successfully picked up by other bloggers and I am very satisfied with the fact that the idea of making money by paid forum posting is being carried around.

But right now I have spotted a pretty new social project, where you can receive prizes just for being you (it is not a big secret and all social and web2.0 projects are rocking a lot of cash with their services, but fortunately there are new great projects, which share their revenue and give you money for being active). Fribiz is one of these websites and I want to tell you more about this paid social community.

Is Fribiz legit and how to get prizes from them?

What is and how to earn (win prizes) with it? is a free global marketplace-like auction, where you don’t need any money to bid on the products. All you need is to participate in the life of this website and get points for such activities – inviting new, active friends or website visitors (in case you have your own website or a blog), participating in web auctions or missions at or every by interacting with friends or partners.

Every day, you can earn special points – fribiz and use them to bid on the items you like. The best thing about this website is that their terms say that you will never be asked for your credit card information – everything here is for free and for real. They have a pretty nice concept and must be earning good money by on-site advertising and by survey data, they get from you. Such huge projects always have tons of advertisers and multiple cash-outs, payment (prize) proofs speak for themselves. is not a scam, it is legit - get prizes for free

Right now in a prelaunch mode, which means that you can refer more active members to this website and get more points (and more points mean more chances to get stuff you really like!). Every new registered member, who uses your special link will give you 10,000 points (it’s the same amount of points you get for registering with this website). They are looking pretty good, so I recommend to register with this one as soon as you can (and I can hook you up with free registration link, which could be found in this post).

Help me trying out this website and I will help you out too by posting news and updates about Many Internet money-makers are having high hopes about this website and even tell that it is going to be the next Lockerz (and just to remind you – those you were the first to discover Lockerz got tons and tons of prizes for free and valuable prizes which cost thousands of dollars). Thanks for reading my IncomeBooster blog – subscribe for free and receive free updates about from me.


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