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These days people are looking for earn money in all possible ways. Some of these are trying to work with various sponsors – they take Internet surveys, write content for money and do a lot of other websites, but the others create niche blogs and websites and receive some online money for placing contextual ads.

If you have your own website (nowadays, anyone can make a website just in several minutes, stuff it with unique content, promote such project for some time and start making money with all possible types of Internet advertising), you know how hard it is to find the right ad network for your website, because most of the time we are willing to get the highest revenue from any Internet based project.

A lot of webmasters and bloggers use Adsense advertising for all their services, but it is not always right, as far as we are looking to hit the top revenue mark I have a pretty nice alternative to this CPC ad network – it is called and will do just great for technology and news related websites. offers you to start making even more money with your blog or website by adding context-sensitive ads to your webpages. So how does work? Here is a brief description. Imagine that you are a technology blogger and just now you have finished writing about your new purchase – Apple Ipad. You have included all the technical specifications and personal experience with this gadget. Of course you readers will be excited about this one too and will be interested in buying such piece of technology too.

Make Money Online With

And this is where begins to work like charm. By placing these ads on your pages, you will give your readers the opportunity to buy this item directly from your website (or look through the prices of this item in various Internet stores or even browse and buy related items). This is just one great feature you can offer your readers and get some money for every ad click. SmartShoppingads work on the CPC (cost per click) basis and you, as a publisher, will receive money for every ad click generated by our visitors.

According to their website information, publishers receive up to 0.15 GBP per every click (which is pretty good, I must say). Apart from getting money for placing ads on your website, Smart Shopping Ads allow you to refer new publishers to this website and give you extra money for every active publisher (you will get a 5% bonus for every active referral of yours).

To tell the truth, look very promising and attractive, especially for those webmasters and bloggers, who write about new technology or shopping related stuff. I wish I had a website in such niche to try it with Smart Shopping Ads. Well, I will just contact some friends of mine and will recommend them to check out the affiliate advertising offers at Smart Shopping Ads. Thanks for reading – don’t forget to subscribe and leave your thoughts/comments about


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