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The idea of making money from home has been around for quite a long time now. Personally, I have been writing to this blog (free ways to make money online and work from home) for quite a long time now, as far as I remember it has already been three years. For me it was and still is a great journey, because I don’t just get to find out which make money online and work from home jobs work and which don’t, but also I am usually one of the first who gets money from new work from home projects.

The social networking and anything which is connected to communication online has become some sort of a business. Webmasters are executing benefits almost from anything. If we speak of various forums – right now you can join all these make money online forums, which pay you for your daily activity. Just to take this further, two days ago a post named “Get Paid To Post On – Receive Money and Prizes For Using Work From Home Forums” was added to Income Booster, hopefully you will find this offer interesting and will know how easy it is to earn money by using forums.

As far as I have started about social activity, there are also websites, which pay for using social networks. It is not a big secret – popular social networking projects generate a lot of cash in revenue every month, so smaller communities just want to share part of the cash they earn with you. It is pretty nice of them, provided both administrators and simple members, just like you and me, can earn money by using such communities.

Right now you will see what I am driving you at – Daceband is a new generation social network community – here users are free to share videos, photos, write blog entires, upload music and share all possible data files, but for money. shares the revenue ahd simple users receive 70% revenue cut (how cool is that?).

Get money for social activity at

Process of making money just by being active at Daceband is very simple – for every activity listed above, users get special points, which are converted to cold hard cash at the end of every working day. From the information provided on their “how to page” I can’t actually see how much every point is worth, but users can get up to 8 points for one action (all registration members get from 1 to 8 points for such activities as sharing data and referring friends). To tell the truth, there are many sites, where you can easily make money from home by writing content. Lets just take a look at Info Barrel, this paid to write service is pretty new, but I can see them ranking very well already and many members are generating good money with this service.

But the fun part doesn’t stop here, users can make money online is some other ways. Adding content to Daceband is a great benefit for you, because you can get a flat fee of $5 for every 1000 page views (it applies with any content you have published) and the referral program is pretty awesome here too, registered members get $1.25 for every 1000 views of your referrals’ content (so if you can invite a lot of people, who are interested in making money from home, you can end up getting automated income from home).

Apart from this, users get good money by placing adsense ads on these generated pages (the 50% revenue share applies here) and in addition you will get 25% of the money made by your referrals, who use Adsense ads to monetize content at this social network.

As far as you can see, is not just a pretty cool online community, but also a great service to make money. Their minimum cashout limit of just $0.5 attracts me even more and I am ever so excited I could try making cash by them. I will head on and start using this fantastic-looking service. Thanks for reading and I do hope to hear some comments of yours. Don’t forget to subscribe and receive all the latest news from the “get paid to” niche (my newsletter is free and is handled by Feedburner, so no one is going to spam your inbox).


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