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Get Paid for Uploading Videos – Earn Money by Selling Video Files at

Internet is full of free make money and work from home opportunities and I am here to review the latest of these. I just love writing about my web earning experiences – it is not just fun, but also profitable to explore the latest possibilities, the ones the world wide web has to offer now.

Previously on, I have been writing about various get paid to and freelance job board websites. Such services do help us in generating stable income on the web, but let me tell you more about file and video sharing. You know that people can get paid to upload videos and and judging by my previous posts this free data hosting service can generate you a lot of cash. You just have to share and upload interesting data and media files, but let me tell you more about a website, which allows you to sell video data files (provided you have the rights and want to sell the videos)., which is a part of Envato Marketplaces is a website, where users can sell their high quality files. The author program, which allows any photographer or designer to produce high quality works and sell them at top class prizes. If you are a starting or established designer or photographer, who is willing to earn quick money online, then considering using should be in the #1 place in your designer to do list.

Make money by selling videos at

Using the designer marketplace us pretty simple and this service will sure help you make money. How the system works:

1) First of all, you need to become a member of Envato Marketplaces service websites (after the registration any designer or new users is eligible to access all author resources and terms of use).

2) After having read all the terms and author (designer guidelines) you can find the matching work of yours. When you take the author quiz, you will know for sure how much money is there to be made with all possible video works.

3) Unline get paid to upload websites, at Envato Marketplaces you actually sale your video files and works, but not share them, so you will have to choose if you want to sell goodies only at (by choosing this option, any designer can earn from 40% to 70% of the money generate by all sales) or use several other sites or services to sell the work (in this case, the revenue cut will be equal just to 25%).

4) And the last option for you to complete is to start data uploading. Now there is nothing left for you but wait for the revenue to build up.

With you can truly monetize your talent, it will work especially for web and photo design beginners, people, who treat such things as photography, video shooting and design as the favorite hobby, but this hobby can now bring you good money.

As for the payout rates, at photographers and designers can receive the minimum payout of 50$ (for PayPal payments) and all users are paid once a month (but if you haven’t reached the 50 dollar minimum in the first year, you will receive money no matter what). But if you want to be paid by wire transfer, you will have to wait, until your balance reaches 500$.

Thanks for reading and I hope that you liked this posts. If you don’t have the skills for earning money by producing your videos and selling them, you, as any other online earner, can try writing articles for money at As far as this work from home technique doesn’t require a lot of talent or special skills, this could be something to think about. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you subscribed to my blog (all subscribers receive free make money updates).


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