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When I first found out about making money online I got really excited about it and basically spend hours and hours on-line looking for quality information on how to earn cash from home. Back then, there wasn’t such a variety of blogs and data sources to provide me with good info and fulfill my needs, that’s why I ended up paying some work from home guru to answer my Internet business related questions.

With time passing new ideas of earning money have been born and developed and now we know about such techniques as freelance writing and programming, free paid surveys and get paid to upload services, but I was stupid enough to miss the initial way of generating revenue – making money by answering questions (yes, you have heard me right).


Earn by answering questions at

Ace Your College Classes dot com is a website intended to help high school and college students with their homework. Registered users in their turn have the ability to earn money by helping students by answering education related questions, writing tutorials or doing online tutoring work. - receive money for tutoring

Answering questions is one of the easiest ways of generating income, because you could base our answer on your current knowledge and won’t have to do a lot of research on the Internet.

It has already been mentioned that you can earn cash by selling your tutorials on this website, as a tutor. Also it should be noted that 40% of the money generated by tutorial sales are left for the website owners, as processing fees, the rest is yours.

Does pay?

I don’t want you to feel skeptical about the opportunity to make money answering questions. Even though is a pretty new project and not very many students know about it and use it (this could be judged by low number of posted questions), you can start selling your tutorials or any documents you have, probably your essays and tutorials, which are left from your college experience.

For more information you can check out their website and take a look at other services, where you can get paid to answer questions, for example at, because I don’t know if this website actually pays, or is a scam? I can not tell you the answer at the moment. looks like a promising project for both students (users, who want to get quality tutoring help) and tutors (possibly you and other Internet users, who would like to earn money with the help of their experience and knowledge). I am just starting to work with this “paid for tutoring” website, so I would very much appreciate your help with it. Please leave your thoughts about this service in the comment section below and subscribe to, if you liked this article about getting paid for answering questions.

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