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The concept of earning money from home is getting more and more complex, now in the world where everyone is in a big hurry, we want to get everything fast. The same thing applies to making money online, because all of us want to make more money from home and spend less time.

Recently a new concept of earning money with freelancer jobs has been introduced and the whole idea of such concept is – get paid to complete free and fast freelancer jobs (this could apply almost to anything – get paid to write reviews, register at public forums and get paid to post or earn money by signing up at get paid to websites).


So there is another cool get paid to complete offers website (which matches the description above). It is called and here to can get paid for doing fast misc stuff on the Internet (basically do something you already do – register on forums, digg or stumble various websites).

Here is what the website administrator (admin of wants you to know about this new project.

The main objective of Minute Workers is to provide users (workers) with a realistic and trustworthy outlet to earn easy money at home. The site consists of tasks which take minutes to complete while each task earns a small amount of money depending on the task.

It should be noted Minute Workers will never take money from workers that means no sign up costs and no fees. It really is a real way for people to make money.

Payment from - earn money online  with freelance tasks

Just to give you the whole idea about this website, I will give you some examples of what you can get paid for after registration at (by the way, the registration takes just 2-3 minutes and members from all countries are accepted).

How can you earn with

  • Sign up on various forums and make money by posting on public boards
  • Register on advertiser’s websites (could be all possible get paid to and paid to watch movies at websites)
  • Get paid for being someone’s referral, it could be called a pretty nice refback program
  • Write on your blog about advertiser’s products
  • And do other stuff you are already doing online, but for free

So basically it’s a brand new website, which is still looking for good reputation (there is nothing found for the term “ scam” right now). And when you register, you get 2$ advertiser credit, which gives you a chance of getting some referrals to your PTW (get paid to watch) or GPT referral links.

By the way, I am working on extending my get paid to review list, and I hope that you would really like to find out more about earning money online with, which is another good website, which pays you to complete offers and surveys online.

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