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These days I find a lot of cool ways to make money on the Internet. The reason is that I have become more open with my friends and blog visitors, who are really interested in earning cash from home by using all possible work from home and make money online techniques.

From time to time I want to have some fun and I write about paid social networks and new projects, which allow us to earn money or get prizes just for being active online – for communicating with user all over the world, referring new people and just being yourself. One of the latest posts in this line was about getting free prizes at

Anyways, today I feel like writing about freelance working jobs, as far I have posted some follow up articles about making money by completing micro jobs and filling in sponsored offers. The new website I would like to write about is called and they have almost the same business model as other micro jobs websites, which were already reviewed on

Make money by completing tasks at

With anyone can create a free worker account and get paid for completing easy and quick Internet tasks such as creating content, posting new articles, using Internet forums for money and for doing other things on the web, something the sponsors are willing to pay for.

The registration at is completely free and you can even get a sign up bonus of 1 dollar, which will get your started (actually you can use this website to get some of your jobs done by becoming an advertiser). By completing jobs and freelance tasks at MiniJobz you can get up to 2$ for every 2-5 minute job you decide to go with. These are pretty nice rates and I have seen such rates only when I was making money with Amazon Mturk (and this is a great freelance board website, where you can receive money for completing data entry work and doing other stuff computers can’t handle).

Register with and make money as a freelance worker

Register with and get paid to complete tasks

Well, to tell the truth, is just another micro workers (jobs) websites, where freelance workers can receive money for completing easy tasks on the Internet. Also, they pay you money for referring your friends or other web users. For every active referral you can get up to $1.6 bonus ($0.1 is added to your account when the user is registered and has completed at least one offer and also you get a reward of $1.5 for every member, who has been referred by you and has already requested a payout).

The minimum amount you can cashout at is equal to $5 and you can get paid by AlertPay, PayPal or MoneyBookers. Well, this is a pretty nice offer, for those, who want to earn money from home by posting on forums, creating content and by doing quick tasks on the Internet.

If you like my articles, feel free to subscribe and leave your comments. I will be glad to talk to you about making money from home as far as I am open to answering all questions related to my blog and content, which has been published here.


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