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Get Paid To Complete Micro (Minute) Freelance Jobs Online – What’s the Fuss?

Every day I am getting various thoughts about making money online, for the past several months Intenret users are being crazy about get paid to upload websites, just like, or I know that this is a new concept of earning money online, and you can check out my post explaining how get paid to share websites work – file sharing websites explained.

But right now I can see a new concept of earning money from home is being developed by two websites called and Both these websites offer you to earn money over the Internet doing something you already do – complete easy (minute) tasks for money.

In my previous posts I have stated that these websites pay you to blog, to review sponsored services, to sign up for various websites, to become one’s referral or to post on forums for money.

I like the concept of these websites, and will tell you more about these websites one by one.

Earning money online with


This website has been launched a while ago, and I am seeing some positive results from my blog readers, but there are some good and bad things I have to tell about Microworkers. – pros:

  1. The website is on the market for a while now and people seem to be loving this websites
  2. Registration is free and open to everyone across the globe
  3. New jobs and advertisers are being added daily, so this means a better chance of getting paid
  4. A referral program, which has a good earning potential – cons:

  1. The payment system is not just complicated, it’s very weird and some people start arguing about getting paid
  2. Even though they have a referral program, it will take several month to get a credit for people you refer
  3. So jobs just don’t give you enough cash, Microworkers should work on finding better (high paying) advertisers

Freelance job offers at

This is another website with the same concept – you get paid for something you already do, just complete small freelance jobs and get paid for doing so. This website is fairly new but people seem to like it a lot, and I can not argue (because I am a member of this website too). – pros:

  1. The website is pretty new – clear reputation and great development plans
  2. New jobs are being added (thanks to the 2$ bonus)
  3. Everyone could become an advertiser for free – you get 2$ to spend for free on site advertising
  4. Pretty good design and support forum – cons:

  1. The list of advertiser is something they need to work on, but I guess it is only they are fairy new
  2. No refferral program, which sounds pretty weird nowadays – referral program has been implemented, just nevermindย 
  3. Some other small things, which could be improved

Thought the concept of earning money with fast freelance jobs sounds very good, these websites still do not have a lot of luck bringing this way of earning money from home up and offering high payouts for members.

I think that it will take time… Anyways, I have not been writing about for a while, and I want to tell you and I have crossed the 100$ payment mark, and will write another success story connected with making money over the Internet . Have fun on the way to stable Internet income and sign up for my email updates.


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