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[Expired] Get Paid To Handle Interviews – Interesting Online Job at

In my previous posts I was trying to write about fun ways of earning money from home or at least about work from home techniques, which don’t require special skills (or at least don’t require you to have a lot of specific knowledge to get started). Personally, I don’t consider getting paid for writing articles online that hard, because you just need to find some course for freelance writers online, read it through and start making money by expressing your thoughts.

I am not refusing the fact that it will take you some time to gather that valuable experience, but, hey, no one is telling you that earning money over the Internet is supposed to be easy. If I made you excited about making money with writing, check out my Snipsly review. This free web service allows you post your content, get exposure, free valuable backlinks and up to 80% of money generated by on-site advertising.

But right now I would like to tell you about another pretty cool website, which has taken a pretty unique business concept – get paid for interviews. You know that there are many freelance job boards out there and sometimes advertisers (people, who are looking for skilled employees) find it hard to find the right people for them (it is not that there are no professionals, or workers, who are suitable for the jobs, but it is a pretty time consuming process).

So if you are pretty comfortable with working with people, looking though tons of resumes and think that you can find the right people for selected jobs, you can become a Notchup talent scout and earn money by interviewing people. I haven’t spent that much time figuring out how the whole system works (I just don’t have enough experience in this sphere and working with people is something I am not that good at, so I will have to pass this make money online opportunity, but I guess, you can be a one, who will end up earning good money by working with

Get paid for interviews at

Working with Notchup is pretty simple – you just fill in the application to start working as a talent scout, look for advertiser’s needs and begin looking for the right people for the selected jobs. It may sound complicated, but if you have a large list of connections online (or would like to build your network of web earners), then this earning opp may be just for you.

There is no flat fee assigned for your work, so basically it is a performance based incentive – the better workers you manage to find and the more money they make – the greater percentage you receive. According to the information about earning money as a talent scout at – every partner is eligible to make up to 30$ per hour with ease (just by communicating with people online and reading their resumes).

All I can tell is, anyone can start working at with a chance of getting paid for such work. You don’t need any recruiting experience to get started, but usually it is better to start not from scratch, but do something you are good and skilled at (and of course make money for such work). Hopefully you liked this review and I am looking forward to your reviews regarding this work from home opportunity.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe to If you think that getting paid for interviewing people on the Internet is not for you, but instead you would like to know how to make money as a freelancer, I recommend to check out my review of People Per Hour. Here is a lot of money opportunities to choose from on the web, you just have to give it a try and don’t forget to visit my online business blog from time to time.

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