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Get Paid to Post on – Receive Money and Prizes for Using Business Forums

Every day I go through all these websites, which offer us the opportunity of making money from home. Every time I see these attractive offers, tons of thoughts and ideas flash through my mind and I start building up the possible make money strategies.

After doing some research I have found a whole list of make money online forums – some of them are pretty crowded and some are just starting up, but the point is that there has appeared a new tendency – getting paid to post.

We all know, that content plays one of key roles, the ones which distinguish possible revenue – it goes without saying – if your website has good, keyword reach content (usually produced by the users), it will get a lot of traffic (forums tend to receive a lot of hits, which is pretty nice). Knowing a bit about making money from home, converting traffic to free cash is very simple.

As far as I can see, such forum owners are ready to share their website revenue by paying members for using their services – communicating with other online earners, leaving new comments and creating interesting discussion threads. By writing this incredible post I just want to tell you that anyone can make money online with forums.

Today I am not writing about paid forum posting jobs or any other freelance work opportunities. is a pretty popular work from home forum – here users discuss everything related to online business and methods of earning cash, but also they earn royalties (special points, which could be converted to money, prizes – domain names or hosting).

So how to get paid to post in forums? The procedure is very simple, just complete the process of registering and start using the Globalearntalk community. If getting money for posting is your main motivation, look which categories pay money for activity (this is very important, provided not all sections are paid).

As far as I can see, this is a pretty lively get paid forum, where you can not just make money by creating forum threads and replying to other discussions, but also learn something new from this “work from home” world.

Get paid to post at

As far as I have understood, paid forum posters at receive 0.03$ for every thread they create and 0.02$ for a post reply (not that good at all, but to tell the truth, I have seen websites with higher get paid to post rates – just for the sake of example, users at CashFindForum can get up to 0.06$ for every thread they create).

Minimum cashout limit (if you prefer to get paid by Perfect Money, PayPal, Liberty Reserve) is set at just 1.5$, which is not that hard to reach, as for me. Furthermore, users can use the prize store to convert points into special services – free domain names and hosting. Also you have the ability to donate the points you have earned to any other member (as for the it is a great way to pay for some service, in between the members). And I almost missed to tell you about the referral program, anyone is eligible to invite friends to Globalearntalk and receive special bonuses.

As you can see, it is possible to earn by forum posting, but you just have to get used to the whole ideas. I guess it is a killer deal for make money newbies, who want to get the appropriate knowledge and receive some quick cash (or hosting services + free domain name). Get paid to post on forums opportunity attracts a lot of interested users online, so you won’t be lonely at If you don’t think that such rates are appropriate for you, then trying some other make money online method is definitely something you should consider. Some friends of mine, earn cash for writing at, they are pretty satisfied with the rates, so you are free to check this opp too.

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