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[Expired] Get Paid To Publish Articles to TheInfoMine (Adsense Revenue Sharing Directory)

If you Google for “make money online” you will end up with tons and tons of results (I wouldn’t be surprised to see a billion of results in this niche, because everyone seems to be writing on how to earn easy money from home). There is no such thing as easy money, but it is a totally different topic.

I’d like to tell you that the capacity of information related to making money over the Internet is just huge and if you are in need of some quick money, my blog,, will help you in figuring out how Internet business works. By the way, if you are just starting with earning money by using your Internet connection, I would recommend you to find out more about freelance content writing, which is just a great web business technique, which will help you earn first money from home.

Speaking of writing for money, let me tell you more about website, which is looking for writers (newbie and established content creators), who will be interested in contributing original articles to in exchange of special revenue cut.

To start off, I’ll tell you that TheInfoMine is a free news agency, which is looking for new attention grabbing articles and will give you 80% of the revenue generated by author submissions. In order to get paid for submitting articles to TheInfoMine, you need to create your free account, create several unique articles, publish them, update your profile with Google Adsense publisher ID and watch your submissions profit you.

The Info Mine is another Adsense revenue sharing website, just like the others I have been writing about (checking out Hubpages review will be sure useful for you). The main rules of earning money with TheInfoMine include:

  1. Publishing only unique content. It goes without saying, you can not copy paste other people’s articles, post them and expect to make money. Take some time for the keyword research, watch the keyword density and I am pretty sure that sooner or later Google will send good traffic to your article.
  2. Never try to abuse Google Adsense and Amazon Associated TOS. Any illegal actions could cause an account termination and I am pretty sure you wouldn’t like to loose all the money you could possibly make.
  3. All authors must be 18 years or older in order to register with TheInfoMine and your article submissions should be at least 250 worlds long. In addition to all this, no hateful or racist language will be tolerated and as far as I have understood will lead to account termination.

Revenue sharing website -

If you do decide to start working with in order to generate some Google Adsense and Amazon Associates revenue, remember that every member receives 80% of adsense ad views and 100% of money generated by Amazon advertising. I consider revenue sharing websites like TheInfoMine pretty useful for both link building, traffic generation and making some cents with adsense.

Later on I will be blogging more about alternative ways of making money from home, which include get paid to upload websites and paid social networks. If you like my website and would be like to receive news and updates regarding websites, which help me working from home, subscribe to my email updates.


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