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Every day I discover new, creative ways of making money on the Internet. Most of the time there websites and make money at home tutorials are being featured on this website (so if you are looking forward to receiving free work from home updates, subscribing to will be a great thing for you).

Anyways, in my previous posts I mentioned the technique of making money on-line by creating content. By saying this I would like to tell that web-masters and various affiliates value quality content (articles, reviews and how-to guides) and are ready to pay us, freelance writers to produce this type of content. I did write about freelance writing jobs before, but today I have yet another website to tell you about.

Writing articles and reviews for cash does not require a lot of experience, just some research and good writing skills. If you have these you can easily get paid to write on the Internet.

Now when you know a little about making money from home with get paid to write and paid to review services, let me tell you more about, which is a pretty good service for earning money with your how to guides and articles.

As their website says, nowadays more and more people are looking for quality information on the web, if you can produce such content, you will start earning money from home by writing at

Getting started with making money at is pretty simple. First of all you need to create yourself a free account (that does not take more than several minutes).

Get paid to write articles and reviews at

Get paid to review and write articles at

When you are registered with How Hub you will be able to start adding articles and how to guides. Speaking of possible earnings at, at first all users receive 50 percent of the money generated by their articles (all how to guides are being monetized with Google adsense advertising, so you will also have to create yourself an account, he you wish to participate and make money on-line by writing at

Also i would like to note that revenue sharing is being fully covered by Google, so you will be also able to track your article performance, by using your adsense account log-in (the number of Google Adsense revenue sharing websites is rapidly growing and by using such services we can generate even more money on the web). In addition, HowHub allows us to participate in their referral program (and the terms are pretty cool too).

You can alter your revenue sharing percentage by referring new users to How Hub (if you will be able to refer 10 new members, your account will be set to give you 100% of the money generated by your articles at HowHub).

Anyways, is a great website to start making money from home by writing articles and reviews as well as promote you current sites, by leaving links in the resource boxes of your published content.

It is very good that all payments and ad serving is being covered by Google, this way you are almost guaranteed to receive your cash in time. So now all you have to do is to register with HowHub and start posting your articles (if you have some thoughts or questions regarding, feel free to leave them in the comment section below).

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