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[Expired] Get Paid to Share and Distribute Links – Review

Earning money from home could be easier then you think – at I am trying to find the best sites, which offer you all possible make money on the net opportunities, trying out everything these websites have to offer, completing reviews and looking forward to your comments and personal feedback.

Several week ago I have started using – a brand new get paid to website and I am pretty happy to announce that Cooler Cash admin has already paid me (I didn’t even have to complete offers, all my earnings were generated by referrals, which is pretty awesome, because there are some one of a kind, high paying referral offers at I think it awesome idea for you to find out more about earning money from home by completing offers at Cooler Cash dot com and go on reading my another work from home review.

Over past several years (or even month) social networking has gained it’s popularity and now many people are craving to start earning money without all possible investments. I must say that there is no need to pay money to start profiting on the web – you can even create blogs and websites for free and receive money for on site advertising.

Today I am reviewing website, which can become handy for everyone, who has a personal website or uses all possible social and web 2.0 projects (public forums, social networks, FaceBook, Myspace, Squidoo, HubPages, or others) and this online service pays for sharing links. With HyperlinkCash you can receive money for sharing your links and generating traffic to the webpages you promote. is a free URL shortening service, which supplies you with two awesome offers – they will shorten and host your links for free and in addition will pay you for every visitor, who clicks the generated link.

Hyperlink Cash has a pretty straight forward earning method – every Internet user, who clicks your shortened link will be taken to a short advertising page. These users have the possibility to close the ad and go directly to the page, you have supplied. Such make money online offer is pretty cool for social networks, public forums and Twitter account users, because these web 2.0 sites usually generate tons of traffic (which is rarely 100% targeted).

Earn money online by sharing links at

Well, this review has been written a while ago and now I don’t really know whether is paying or not. I have done a good deal of research regarding HyperlinkCash and their services and I have come up with some results, which are pretty opposite, some users say that Hyperlink Cash is a pretty nice way to monetize your traffic, the others don’t really like the whole concept. So I have nothing to do, but to give you my thoughts about this free URL shortening service (later on I will write about my user service, but now I will base my review on the first impression).

I think that there is a lot of money to be made with and other social networks, because these web2.0 websites generate way too much traffic, which is not usually targeted, which is kind of disappointing, considering the amount of time we are spending on getting people to follow us on Twitter or subscribe to HubPages or Squidoo accounts. is another free URL shortening service, which will pay you for using their website (not for generating links, but getting people to visit the cloaked links, which actually lead you the sites you are willing to share). If you have used, you will be familiar with the whole process of earning money with, these websites possess the same business model (for those who have missed a lot of my previous posts, I will post some links – “How To Make Money Sharing Your Links“).

The main features of Hyperlinkcash include automatic link generator and partnership offer – 0.02-1$ for 1000 ad impressions (link visits). The rates are pretty low for visitors outside USA, United Kingdom & Canada, but it is still some money. Their website says that the payments made once a week, with a minimum payout threshold being set at just 1$ (pretty easy to reach, I must say).

The referral bonus program makes the site even more interesting and if you will invite your friends to start earning money by sharing your links and driving traffic to your links at, you will get 20% of the money your friends manage to earn.

Well, the website looks pretty nice, there are no visible bugs or hidden terms. There is a FAQ area for those, who still don’t understand how this revenue sharing sites works, but I think that the absence of support forum and several negative reviews is a major downside. But we can give it some time and see what I come up after some tests of mine.

Thanks for reading, I will be doing everything possible to post as many work from home reviews as possible. I have been paid by again, so another success post is on its way, hopefully your are benefiting from this pay per download site too.


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