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Get Paid To Upload Videos and Files – Review

This make money online blog covers almost any free way of earning cash on the Internet. For now I have written so many post about free paid survey websites, freebie sites, get paid to search and even get paid to upload hosting services.

All these are just some techniques of generating income on the Internet, my main point of running this website is to point out the techniques for making money online and to show sites, where you can apply these techniques. As for me, get paid to upload (file hosting services) have a good earning potential, because these day we have a big need of sharing data on the web and this type of sites don’t only make our living easier, but also provide us with an incredible web-business opportunity.


Paid to share at

A lot of my previous blog entries were fully dedicated to making money with get paid to upload sites and I have a confession to make – this is one of my favorite ways of making money at home for free. is a recently launched free document hosting service, which has a pretty great partnership program for its users, here members have the ability to receive money for uploading and sharing data files (music, videos, school documents, animations, software and so on). - get money with file sharing

The process of registering with DuckLoad is very simple, you need just some time of yours, an working email address, a load of files you are willing to share and some time to get started. In order to make money at you need to register and start uploading files, which you want to share with an intention of getting financial benefits.

After having uploaded the “goodies” you will end up with a list of download links, which need to be spread all over the Internet. Why do you need to share links from paid to upload sites? In order to receive exposure and start making money online – the answer to this tricky question is actually very simple. – a good alternative to

Registered users of paid to share website can upload files up to 15GB and here is a place where I would require the highest level of your concentration. Your earnings greatly depend on the size of the file you are sharing, the bigger the file is, the higher the pay per download rate, as easy as that. logo - get paid to share

For one thousand successfully completed downloads users get paid from $5 (files up to 50MB) to $45 (documents up to 15GB). Such rates are pretty attractive, if we compare with other sites, which pay money for sharing videos, music and other data files. For example, is one of my personal favorites in this niche and I have already been paid fifteen times by this document sharing service (more on how to make money by sharing video files at

To wrap it up, offers some simply amazing features for both downloaders and people, who upload data to their services and get money for accomplished downloads (remote access and FTP upload are two great examples). Speaking of the payments, their system will automatically withdraw your money every Monday and supported cashout systems are PayPal, Epassporte, Egold, Webmoney, Moneybookers, Neteller or Bank transfer (so I guess there is no payout limit, correct me if I am wrong). And the minimum payout is just 20$.

In addition, there is a referral/partner program for both simple affiliates and webmasters, check out their partner page for more info. Anyways, I have never seen such paid to upload rates before and I do hope that is not a scam and people are getting money from here in time. I would much appreciate your feedback left in the comment section. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe to


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