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Get Paid To Upload with Free File Hosting Service – Review

A lot of people say that making money online is complicated and I can not disagree with this statement, but I have my own point of view to share. Making money for free is very complicated, unless you have a reliable resource for the latest work from home news (I do think that could be considered as such).

When I first started learning the ways of earning money at home, I struggled a lot, while looking for websites, which could give me some clues about finding home-based jobs, I wish I had such a site, as this make money online blog back then. is a free data hosting service, which, apart from free data space, offers tons of unique services and options for users. Speaking of the server stats, such things as download speed up to 1 Gbit/sec, unlimited data space, 30-day document storage and a affiliate program with crazy-high earning potential should be noted.

Earn money by uploading photos, videos and documents

I think that you are more interested with make money online offers supplied by So here members have 4 great ways of making cash for free.

First of all, you can use traditional get paid to upload scheme and receive up to $15 for every 1000 downloads (terms apply here – your pay per upload rate depends on the file size and the country of your visitors, you get paid for downloads from 35 countries). - make money by uploading and sharing documents

This traditional way of making money sounds awesome and personally I have the most money coming from this technique. Also, I forgot to mention, that in order to get money for your downloads, you need to share files which are larger than 1MB (and you get money only for one visitor download per IP).

Okay, we have three earning techniques more to review. The next one is the creation of your own data hosting service based on TurboBit.

How to get money for uploading

Anyways, I learned a lot myself and now I share my investigations here. Earning with paid to upload websites attract me a lot, maybe this is the reason for such large number of posts within this niche.

“Own File Sharing System” Feature allows you to create your own free data hosting website and receive a revenue cut from all premium accesses bought from your own paid to upload site. To be more detailed, users, who apply for this feature receive 10% of the money earned from premium account sales and 20% from affiliate earnings (all affiliates registered on your data hosting website automatically become your 1st-tier referrals).

But it is not the end, if you own a blog or website, you can allow other members posts their file links on your site and you will make money from this too (10% of the Turbo access value will be credited to your account, if a buyer visited turbobit through your website link).

Finally, all affiliates have a right to refer new affiliates to this get paid to upload website and receive 20% of their money on the 1st level and 5% of the cash on the second level.

I think that is a great alternative to, while I still think that Uploading has the highest reputation and development potential among all paid to upload websites. But you can talk to me about it or even argue by using the comment section below.

Thanks for reading and see you in my next posts about making money for free and with no investment.

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