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[Expired] Receive Adsense Revenue Share for Writing for

Don’t you thing that Internet has provided us with a strong background for making money from home? If you are interested in my view upon this question, today we have a whole lot of sites, where anyone from all over the world can get money for doing simple online jobs, for example freelance writing and data entry. It’s not a big secret that well written and keyword rich content or articles are capable of driving lots of traffic and almost anyone, who has targeted visitors can earn money for free.

As for me, writing content on the Internet for money is very easy, because most of us possess a good knowledge of English, at least if you can already read this post, you are almost ready for making money from home with content and freelance writing.

Right now there are tons of websites, which are paying money for our content, because this stuff is in a big need and writers can get good money for such content from sites like has been originally created as a get paid to write website, unlike those services, who consider them to be a news-source services, but they do reward their writers with adsense revenue sharing. Writing articles and getting an adsense revenue share could be a great option for a starter writer, so it, but at Daily Wiki users also get money for every article they write (from 1 to 3 dollars depending on the number of writer submissions).

Make money by writing articles and reviews

In addition, DailyWiki pays users money for revising and adding relevant content to articles, which are already published on their site. All revisions and additions should be at least 200 words long and you are not allowed to remove any content of the original author. - write articles for money has made the process of making money with article writing even more exciting. The ability of receiving both a flat fee for every approved submission, a life-time revenue share and an option of being an editor at make this site really stand out of the cloud (here I don’t want to offend any owners of other great paid to write, paid to review or ad revenue sharing communities).

To sum everything up, lets talk about payout system. This paid to write website will send your money bonuses (for new articles, for editing submissions) to your PayPal account, as soon as your balance reaches 20 dollars, as far as I remember. Speaking of adsense revenue sharing, money will be added to your Google account and earnings depend only on your article performance. Furthermore, there is an activity contest running on this website and top 5 writers receive cash bonuses from 10$ to 100$.

If you are already making money with get paid to write website and would like to find out an alternative way of increasing your daily earnings, check out and you definitely won’t regret it. If you enjoyed the post, feel free to leave your comments or subscribe to, it is totally free of charge.


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