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Get Paid to Write Articles on the Internet – Review

For a pretty long time I have been writing about different ways of earning money on the Internet. The number of work from home techniques is just growing and sometimes it is even hard to keep track of them and try all these websites (in this blog I review free make money online and work from home techniques, most of them have been tested by me and most of the reviews contain my personal earning experience).

Personally, I began making money from home by doing Internet surveys and writing content for money. The point of earning cash with free paid surveys was covered a while ago, but speaking of websites where users write articles for money, I have just another service to tell you about.

In my numerous posts about writing on-line articles for money and answering questions for money I have told my readers that content is one of the most valuable things for website owners and if can produce quality material you are bound to start making money on the Internet.

I know many people, who earn good money with article writer jobs, but today I want to show you one website, where you can write articles for cash. It is called and you can start making money from home with it in no time.

How to Get Paid To Write Reviews with

Make money from home by writing with

To tell the truth, is a free article directory and wiki-like website, which accepts quality articles and gives their authors money for content submissions. All you have to do is to register with (make sure you read the article guidelines and their terms of service) and start producing content. They accept freelance content writers too, so anyone can join and get paid to write articles with (but only unique content pieces, which are larger then 300 words are accepts to Experts Column).

Unlike any other revenue sharing website and get paid to write service, ExpertsColumn uses an ad server, so they can track how much money your work generates and give you an exact revenue cut ( is a revenue sharing system, this means you don’t get a flat fee for every article you create, they are pretty similar to, but with mahalo you can also get paid to answer questions and correct articles).

Well, doesn’t disclose the amount of money you can possibly receive for submitting your work to them, but I guess that everything depends on your performance and the quality of your submissions.
Personally, I am going to try this paid to write service, as far as I have some content articles, which I have already written and I want to know if actually pays.

I do want to write reviews for money and learn more about websites, where I can get money for doing this.
Anyways, good luck with writing and earning money at I do hope this one works out for all of us.

I will be writing more about paid to write websites and other work from home opportunities, so if you want to learn more about these, subscribe to, it is totally free.


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