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Are you still wondering how to start making money on the Internet with no upfront investments. I stumbled upon this question several years ago and it did take me some time to figure out the process of making money on the web. As a result, I know a lot of great free ways of earning cash on-line and do want to share my make money and work at home experience with my blog readers.

I did began earning cash with help of Internet survey websites (more about making money answering surveys) and I recommend this way of generating income to all my visitors, but I did write a lot of this business niche, so I want to switch the topic a bit today.

Right after filling out surveys for cash I stated looking for other free and easy online jobs and really fast I found about about sites, which get paid to write content online and is one of them.

Write Reviews and Content Articles at For Cash

When you decide to write for money, you need to do a lot of research to see whether you will be able to make the most out of such web job. Finding content writing assignments is pretty hard, if you don’t use freelance marketplaces like (or any other job search website like this).

Make money by writing content at

But there is another solution for this, there is a website called, which is looking for freelance writers and here you can be paid to write articles.

To learn more about freelance writing opportunities at WiseGeek, please visit this page: “Become a wiseGEEKFreelance Writer is a huge informative website, which has one pretty straight forward aim – find and provide clear and concise answers for everyone, and if you can be the one to find answers to the questions and base your articles and how to guides on these answers, you will be able to start making good money by writing at

Unfortunately, I was not able to allocate the price per every content article at, but I think that such reputed service website will give you good money for creating articles (well, if you are interested, there are also websites, which give you money for answering questions, they have a pretty interesting concept, so checking them out won’t hurt for sure). seems like a great website to write articles at and get paid, if you will be able to get accepted as a freelance writer you will start making cash right away. Producing good content is the key to earning money on the web with writing.

I do hope you liked my post about getting paid to write on-line if you want to get free work from home news from – subscribe, it is totally free of charge.

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