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Get Paid to Write Articles Online – Adsense Revenue Sharing Offer at

Just several days ago I have drawn your attention to earning money online with As for me, my blog,, will supply you with all the information needed on your to earn money on twitter. This is a pretty interesting topic, as far as everyone of us has an account with this free micro-blogging platform and at least once any user has come up with such question – “how to make money with twitter?”. Well, there are several websites, which help you to monetize your accounts with this web2.0 project, but last time I have been writing about, so if you would like to know how to make money with advertising on twitter check out my review and continue reading this article, because it is about another great way of earning money from home – writing articles online for revenue.

Did you know that you can write online and earn easy money? Some freelance writing websites pay you a flat free for every article written, it is pretty cool, if you can write really well (no matter what the topic is). Online services like Break Studios hire freelance content writers and give them money for such simple work – writing or rewriting information according to your personal experience. In case you have missed my BreakStudios review, you can still learn how to write articles for money online (this is totally free, especially if you can produce pretty good content).

And now information for those, who think that writing articles on the Internet for money scam (I don’t really know what makes people think so, but it happens and I will have to prove them wrong). Today I would love to tell you about and the revenue sharing offer they have successfully launched.

Shoutmeloud is a pretty massive internet blog, which covers a whole bunch of topics (Internet blogging, Web2.0 idea, social media news, search engine optimization and other digital world related topics). As far as they have already established their brand and there are thousands of people, who are subscribed to this website (and tons of random visitors, who are coming in from search engines), they are looking forward to getting more and more quality content to their website. That is where our idea of getting paid to blog and writing articles from home becomes pretty handy.

Adsense revenue sharing program at

Shoutmeloud tweaked the idea of guest blogging and now they offer you a revenue cut just for writing articles.

How to write articles at and generate revenue?

1) First of all you will have to read all the terms of use and find out how their revenue sharing program works. I don’t want to get detailed about it, it is pretty simple. Shoutmeloud allows you to post your “guest posts” receive traffic, brand recognition, valuable backlinks and money (anyone can place one Google Adsense banner on post pages).

2) When you have read all the terms and you are fine with the topics, which are being covered at Shout Me Loud, you can complete the quick registration process and start writing. As far as I have understood all the posts are accepted, but they shouldn’t to be too self promotional (it goes without saying, actually). But make sure you read the rules of their revenue sharing program.

3) As soon as you have completed your article and published it successfully you will just have to wait for the benefits – quality, targeted traffic and adsense revenue, of course. As you can see, helps you to write for money and receive extra benefits for your blog.

I will have to try this site (hopefully I am enough of a blogger to fulfill their author requirements). Even if I don’t, there are still so many websites, where we can get paid to write articles online. For example, is a great website, where I used to get paid to write reviews and various how-to articles.

Well, thank you for reading my blog and don’t forget to subscribe to my free email updates (remember if you are subscribed, you are up to date with all possible make money online news).


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