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Get Paid to Write Reviews and Share Tips – Review

One of the easiest ways to earn money online for free is surely content writing. Content could be a key to success in any Internet project that is why webmasters and website owners are sometimes ready to pay a lot of money to skilled writers, to those who know how to excite the reader and don’t forget about keyword density and on-site optimization.

So far I have reviewed a lot of “get paid to write” websites. Some of them accepted all members and pay money depending on the popularity of articles (some grammatical errors are not taken into consideration as far as the idea for writing remains clear) but some of them, ones like are looking for professionals, editors who are both experts in writing and in the niche topics they are writing about.

Ways to earn money by writing at

As one might guess from the name of the site, LifeTips specializes in providing tips within various niches – from technology to parenting. If you are passionate about some topic and would like to earn money by writing tips and submitting them to LifeTips, please read all the rules and submit your application.

This company is looking for skilled writers and researchers. If you have a journalism related education, some magazine publishing experience or just good SEO knowledge – you will have more chances of becoming a member of LifeTips website. - free ways to make money online by writing

If you will do well in publishing your tips, will make a separate book with your top 101 tips. This book will be available for sale online and you will get $2 for every generated sale. LifeTips looks like a great work from home job for anyone, so please be serious about it.

Speaking of the earnings, offers two ways to rewards for your work: you will receive a cut of revenue generated by pages with your tips and will be able to receive a flat rate for every tip published. Lucky writers are being sponsored by advertisers and have higher chances of making money.

According to LifeTips website – publishers earn thousands of dollars per year by writing and sharing tips. So if you think that earning money online by writing is your dream job, then try your luck and apply to Please remember that LifeTips get all the rights for your content (you basically sell it to them) and you won’t be allowed to post your tips anywhere else. If you want to keep rights for your writing, I would recommend earning money with  Squidoo. This is one of the best revenue sharing websites.

Thanks for reading my blog post about earning money by writing at I hope you will be lucky to receive an opportunity to make money by writing at LifeTips.

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