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There are more and more people looking for ways of making money on the Internet writing articles. Freelance article writing is a great thing to go with, as any other freelance work, because you get to work with actual person, the one you can ask for job requirements.

But it’s not that easy to find a great freelance job, that’s why I want to recommend you a website that pays people (ordinary Internet users like you and me) to write content (various news articles, reviews or how-to’s). This website is called – I’ve seen a lot of rumors about this website.


As far as this program is relatively old, I’ve come up with the most popular questions about

What is is a revenue sharing website, which is hosting your articles and gives you a revenue cut. At Helium you basically get paid for writing useful articles or just for contributing to the community. As for the earning opportunities, you split the revenue from advertising and your page visits. So this site is extremely good for a starter blogger, because using this program you can evaluate your writing skills, get some readers to your blog and promote your actual weblog page. Evaluating your skills is very important, because you will be able to set up the price for your articles and won’t be working for pennies again.


Is it worth it to write for Helium?

Having no personal experience with this make money online program, I can just collect the data from all over the web and tell you what I came up with. As for me, Helium is an awesome program for those, who are making first steps in their blogging career. This website will drive some traffic to your articles, and you can mention your actual weblog in articles. Other then that, you can earn some money for ads displayed on your articles page. As for the earning potential – some Helium writers tell that one article makes from 0.25 to 1$ a month in advertising.

If you can type really fast, creating articles won’t really hurt you and your business. Sooner or later you will reach a mark of, lets say, 500 or 600 articles and will be making more then five hundred dollars a month with no effort to it.

When do I get paid by Helium?

As soon as your articles earn you 25$, you can cash your money out. I don’t really understand why the withdrawal limit is this high, when you can earn an average of 1$ per article. And some users complain that there is no way of knowing how much page views any page had generated, not even talking about the number of ad clicks. Payments are made by PayPal, so it’s required to have an account there too.

Anyways, making money from home is not an easy journey, when you don’t know where to find an online job. can be a great way to promote your actual articles (or any other copywriting projects) and get some money for ad clicks from Helium.


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