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How Bloggers Turn Posts into Audio Podcasts and Earn with

Blogging is one of the most widely spread earning technique on the Internet. Every day hundreds of Internet users join the blogosphere and start looking for a way to find good content for their blogs and ways to make money with their blogs.

A lot of my blogger friends have been asking me for to find additional revenue opportunities their blogs. I accepted their challenge and started looking for cool ways to earn cash with blogs. I found several Google Adsense alternatives and even an opportunity to make money by selling text link ads.

But today I would like to present you with a totally new and different earning opportunity, which should interest any blogger.

Create podcasts with and earn

Every blogger is looking for ways to increase blog readership and to earn money with it (the deal is that blog is not different from real-world newspapers, which are being supported by advertisers too). - proven way to earn money with a blog is a free service by using which you can turn your posts into podcasts and let your visitors actually listen to your blog posts online or by using portable media devices such as Ipod or MP3 player.

So how is it possible to make money with these podcasts? Well, if your blog is popular enough, will offer you a revenue share, which means that you will be able to make money by introducing your blog visitors with a pretty handy blog tool. This is a win-win situation: your blog readers will be able to listen to your posts on the go and you will be able to make money over the Internet with these podcasts.

I have not yet used this service on my blog but I would like to hear some of your comments about and hear from you whether it is possible to make cash with a blog here. looks like a pretty decent company and I hope that is not a scam. But usually we just have to wait until someone from my friends tests this work at home opportunity.

Thanks for reading, please drop me a line of you have any experience with this site to share with me. I do hope you like my content, so please subscribe and follow me on social networks.

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