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How Do “Get Paid to Share” Websites Like Work?

I am constantly looking forward to developing my current make money online tutorials as well as trying to come up with new methods of earning cash from home. During the last several weeks I have received a bunch of questions from my make money blog readers.

The most popular question concerns earning free cash by uploading and sharing media. Well, I was not really surprised by seeing that many requests from people to show how to earn cash by giving away various download links.

The deal is that before finding out about sites that pay you for sharing the media, we were using various free hosting services to host our files.

But now we can use top “get paid to upload” sites and share your files on the Internet for money.

So how do paid to share sites work?

If you have certain material to pass over to your friends or family members, you can use such free hosting websites that keep your stuff on their servers for free and even pay you to promote your download links. Such free Internet hosting companies make a lot of money of the ads, which are being shown on the download pages, so I think it is better for them to give you a cut for promoting their webpages with your download links, rather than promote themselves.

Usually you can earn up to 15 dollars per 1000 file downloads. So if you are looking forward to making money with “get paid to share files websites” you will have to find the freebies to share with your blog or website users.


So far I have had a lot of luck sharing such webmaster stuff as – WordPress and Joomla themes, templates and plug-ins, various vectors, icons and PSDs. Most of the time you can earn a good deal of money, if you can for sure find the interested downloaders.

So I have already told you that you can share almost anything online (some people even upload and share they music files or playlists). I am putting a small list of stuff you can share on the Internet and get paid for doing so:

  • Various media files (music playlists)
  • Webmaster related stuff (templates for WordPress, or Joomla, maybe even HTML themes)
  • Designer tools (Photoshop brushes, fonts and icons)
  • Vector designs or other media

Here you can use almost anything (even small video files or movie trailers), not metioning PHP scripts or WordPress plugins.

To conclude, I must say that this method is really working and I am making pretty good money at I have received my first payout and will be requestiong another one in several days. I hope that my success post will be finished in several days, so you can see the actual tips from me. Good luck and don’t forget to leave your feedback.

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