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How to Become Platinum Member at and Earn by Sharing Media?

Get paid to upload files – have you heard about something like this before? I bet you have, if you are reading on daily basis. To start off, I recommend you to subscribe to my email news feed, so you can stay up to date with the latest make money online and work from home news.

Over the last couple of months I have written about several websites, which pay you to upload media stuff (this means any files you usually download from Internet, or share with your friends by using free file sharing). I hope you remember and know about my review (this is another great get paid to share website I want to give you some tips about). is not that different from other websites, which pay you for sharing files online, except the part, where the amount you make depends on the quality of your downloads and the number of your downloads. Just check out my review and take a look at the requirements for joining and the member statuses (which depend on the factors mentioned above).

As you can see, it is better to gain the “ Platinum Member”, so you can make more money doing less work. But how could you do that? Even HotFile administrators are giving you some tips for getting a higher user rank, but I will give you some more (the ones I have used):

As I have already told, it’s vital to reach higher member status with This means that your downloaders will give you higher profits.

How To Become Platinum Member at and Earn Money by Sharing Media?

  • First of all, find out all possible things about, check out the rates and affiliate terms, the more you know the better. Compare it with other get paid to upload websites and see how this website matches your niche.
  • So if you see that matches your needs perfectly try to use only this file sharing website. You can sure use as your second download mirror, but in such case less users (downloaders) will be buying premium accounts and your revenue will be dropping.
  • Think about your website users, if you will be trying all possible websites, which pay you for downloads, you will be loosing the users, because usually it’s better to buy one premium account, rather then purchase accounts for Uploading, DepositFiles and HotFile at the same time.
  • So another thing that HotFile recommends you is to upload media files only if you are planning to promote them in the nearer future. If you just waste their server space and you file doesn’t get any downloads, they will just downgrade your rank or remove the files you have uploaded (after selected period of time).
  • Promotion is the key part when it comes to earning money with HotFile. If you are looking for more money with, make up a list of pretty good forums or high traffic blogs, where you can share your stuff for free.
  • From time to time HotFile administrators check where your traffic (people who download) comes from, so if you post your download links on websites that have popups or any other messy advertising, you will just loose rank.

Actually I have given you a list of stuff you should do not to loose your rank, but if you know how not to loose member rank, it will just go up, because nothing remains in the same position – it has to increase or decrease, that’s how we all roll.

Have fun earning money with, but if you are looking for more webistes, which pay to upload, check out the online earning opportunity and make even more money with your website files.


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