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[Expired] How to Earn Money Online by Using Sponsored Business Forums – Review


Being an active Internet user I see how everything changes online with the time passing. Every day new websites are created and the older ones just get more popular. As far as I am mostly interested in Internet money making news I must confess that new work from home opportunities are being introduced on daily basis.

But the only downside of such rapid development is that older ways of earning cash over the net, especially the ones I like, do not attract as many people as before, but there are still many people, who look forward to making good money from home completing easy tasks, the ones that do not take a lot of time, but can easily benefit you. By the way, there are even websites, which give you money for doing simple stuff, for example you can get paid to complete tasks at

Today I would like to remind you of my favorite way of earning cash for those, who like to write content for easy money. Paid forum posting used to be my favorite Internet hobby, but in addition I was receiving money for such activity.

If you think about it – every day we look for something new online – if we need to find out about earning fast money with, we just Google this search phrase, but in the search of expert and human knowledge and feedback we refer to numerous forums and bulletin boards.

It goes without saying that we, web money makers, constantly look for new information from the “get paid to” world and using forums is so far the easiest and most popular way of staying up to date with current trends. If you have read any of my previous articles, you know that I am just crazy over sites that pay us, web users, for something we already do. So if you are interested in earning money for using one new, but very promising Internet forum about earning money, this post is just for you. Just to remind you, I will give you a link to a post, which explains the whole process of earning money with forum posting.

Paid forum posting is a great thing for those, who know how to spark up the conversation and interact with other people. This means that you can easily make money with your writing skills (and learn new stuff everyday).

Today I have a review about the website, which gives you a chance of learning more about making money over the Internet and will even pay you to use their forums. The website is called and it is created by a very popular work from home forum’s administrator. I have been chatting with this guy for a while now and he seems to be a great expert in his field of knowledge. As far as I remember, it is his second get paid to post forum, the first one is called CashFindForum and the post rate down there is something like 4-6$ for every 100 posts you make. I do not remember all the terms by now, but you can see to my post about earning money by posting at CashFindForum.

Ge Paid To Post At

What are the Benefits for Joining? is a brand new news portal, which concentrates on earning money from home. Here you can find out more about all possible ways of getting money for your online activity, but the main earning potential lies in the “get paid to post” program, which is currently offered by this website.

Using this forum you can find out more about and discuss the latest make money online and work from home news and receive money for every forum post you make. I think it is a great offer for those, who like to receive money for something we already do online – I mean look for all possible methods of Internet business and steps to building good online income.

You can sure check out the website and forum right now and see the terms yourself, but I have some stats for you. Every member will be paid 0.04$ for every new post created and 0.06$ for every new thread you create. All the payments will be made by LibertyReserve and also you can participate in the referral program, which gives you extra 0.1$ for every member you refer.

So feel free to visit the website and forums, the link could by found in this post, or you can visit the website by clicking the banner above. Earning money with forums is very easy and profitable and I just love this way of earning cash. Needless to say that such pay post rate is okay, but it is a great addition for those, who are just starting on the way to stable Internet income.

Thanks for reading by another make money online ideas post and feel free to leave your comments or subscribe to my news email feed by using the form above.


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