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How To Get Free Prizes at Fribiz Updates and Unboxing My First Gift

This blog was intended to reveal all possible ways of earning cash with the help of Internet (if you visited my website before, you should know about my favorite ways of earning – get paid to upload and paid forum posting websites).

I have already mentioned that most of the time my posts and articles are based on my actual earning experience, but apart from money you can also free stuff for being active online. And let me quickly show you how it is done.


Throughout my Internet usage experience with the purpose of generating income, I was discovering websites, which give users money and gifts for their daily activity and Fribiz is one of them.

What is Fribiz and how to get Prizes for free?

This is a pretty cool web service I was blogging about already. Fribiz is a free online social network website, which rewards the users for their being active on Fribiz. Users receive points for inviting new friends and for participating in various contests. These points could be used for bidding on special items on Fribiz auctions. is not a scam, it is legit - get prizes for free

Personally, I just love this website and highly recommend it to you. I know that my recommendation is worth nothing without some evidence, that is why I would like to supply some images of my unboxing the first gift received from fribiz – an optical USB mouse. As you can see, everything is for real and I got this prize for free, just for referring some of my friends and by being active on this website. I did write about this service before, please refer to this post “how to get the most prizes at fribiz” and learn which prizes you can possibly get and how the whole auction system at Fribiz works.

Unboxing my first prize from

I just love the idea for getting free stuff for participation on-line. Fribiz also has gift cards as their auction prizes, so any user (that could be you too) is capable of getting also monetary benefits from this online auction service.

Anyways, Fribiz is totally free and it only takes several minutes to set up the account. At first I was skeptical about this website, as well as about, but I got some free stuff there too. I ended up receiving free prizes, so as for me, it is a great deal. Feel free to register here and ask your questions, I will be glad to answer them.

Also, you are all welcome to subscribe to and receive free make money on-line and work from home updates, also I will send news about Fribiz and other freebie websites.


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