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How to Get Paid to Answer Questions Online with

After discovering the method of making money online by answering questions and giving advice, I began to try myself in this Internet business and had a lot of success. Several months ago I have released a post on how to get paid to answer questions, where I have described how to answer questions for money and listed all website, which give money for supplying advice or answering questions.

As I have already said, some time has already passed ever since I published my guide and now I have a new website to write about. This website is called and it provides an opportunity to get paid to answer questions.

How to start answering questions at is a genuine paid answers service, where users are looking for answers to their questions and even ready to pay for the best answer. Writers or so called experts, can look through the list of available questions, their prices and receive money for answering a question correctly. It should be noted that your performance on greatly depends on your knowledge and the ability to research something new, when needed. - get paid to answer questions

There is no distinct fee, which will be added to your account for answering questions or giving advice – the asker of the question decides how much money he/she can afford. By system default, questions are worth $10-$400, which makes a super site to make money by answering questions.

The only downside of this website is far is a small amount of questions (5-10 new questions per day), that is why I recommend to try several sites, which give money for answering questions, for example

Before you start thinking about answering questions online for money at, please read their terms of services and frequently asked questions to make sure for what type of work you are getting money. Right now, experts receive 75% of the question price and all payments are made via PayPal at this time.

I like the idea of earning money by answering questions online. Sharing knowledge is easy, especially when you are getting money for it. What do you think about Have you ever tried this service for making money online? Please leave your thoughts and ideas about making money by answering questions and paid to answer website. Thanks for reading, feel free to subscribe and leave your questions and suggestions on how to improve this site.


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