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How to Get Paid to Take Surveys for Free? – Review

If you are into make money online business for such a long period time, at some point you reach the level, when you start thinking that there is no way back and you just have to go to the end and excel at earning money.

This work from home blog is created for newbies and people, who want to discover free ways to make money from home quickly and easily. There is a lot of myth going on around the idea of earning money, especially around the question – “how to make money with Internet surveys for free?”.

I am here to answer this question as briefly as possible, so here it goes. It is really possible to make money by answering questions and surveys online, it is not a secret (you can feel skeptical about this statement, if you got scammed by some “get rich quick” website).


Is making money by taking surveys a Scam?

When you take up free paid surveys and data entry jobs, you just have to double check the website you are willing to start using. I have spotted a pretty nice website is a good reputation, it is called and during it’s existence it has been developed into a whole make money online portal, so expect additional ways of making money for free. get paid to complete offers and surveys

I did spend some time on looking though various work from home forums trying to figure it if is a scam or not, so the result are – ZoomBucks looks like a legit get paid to website, with an okay reputation.

Right now the registration at is totally free and you need just several minutes to get started. I just have to say that they survey website has a support forum, so you can take a look at it even before registering and check out the number of active users.

Earn money with surveys at

Members get paid for trying products, answering questions, filling in surveys, using cash-back shopping websites, using sponsored search engines (more about get paid to search strategies) and being active on their website. Being a member of this service for several weeks, I noticed a huge variety of user contests and additional features for increasing revenues.

Apart from this, you can earn money by referring new people to this survey website and receive 10% of their earnings. Your active participation at will give you special points, which could be spent on buying real items in ZoomBucks store or requesting cashouts.

I hope this website will work out pretty well for you. Please leave your comments and ideas. Thanks for reading and see you in my next posts about free work from home opportunities.

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