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How to Make Easy Money with Paid Forum Posting

You are about to read an exciting article on making money with paid forum posting and paid to post forum services. This post was written some time ago that is why I would like to update it with a link to a cool website, which gives money for posting on forums – please take a look at this post:

Way to Make Money Online For Free with Paid Forum Posting – Review

A lot of webmasters know that no one would join an empty forum, that’s why they are looking for extra ways to encourage users to post on forums. Some forum owners offers special prizes for the most active poster, some of them set up different raffles and giveaways or hire a paid forum posting team. Before you continue reading, answer these questions :

“Would you join an empty forum with some potential?” – not likely I think. But would you join and post on a sponsored forum for a certain cash reward? I think you definitely will!

Forum owners are looking for skilled writers to spark up their new forums with quality posts. Paid forum posting system is extremely simple – you join the poster team (some teams could be found here – top paid forum posting companies ), the team leader finds advertisers (new forum owners) and you get paid for every post you do on a sponsored forum.

Before you enter the posting team make sure you meet such requirements :

  • You are sociable
  • Have ability to research and contribute
  • Can write well
  • Know how to use all bulletin board engines

If you meet these requirements, you can start browsing websites which are looking for skilled writers to join their posting teams (the best thing that you can work in several teams in the same time) :
Websites that pay you to post.

Telling the truth, I have started earning money online with paid surveys and paid forum posting. And I have to admit, sponsored forums gave me a lot of knowledge! This kind of internet job helps you to imrove day by day and make money at the same time. As far as I have experience with these type of programs, then I will give you some tips :

Tip 1 : Apply to as many paid forum posting teams as you can (most of them are likely not to accept posting newbies.
Tip 2 :You have to understand that new posters are making less money, so you have to do your best to earn more money per post created (the average price per post for a newbie poster is 0.1$, but for experienced posters rates reach up to 0.4$ per post created)
Tip 3 : Don’t take on too many posting jobs, because all claimed jobs must be completed, or your reputation will turn red and you can be kicked out. Start working 30-60 minutes a day and that may guarantee you extra 100$ online. If you do great, you can easily make 10$/hour
Tip 4 : Don’t go for quantity, value the buyer and submit quality content. The better your posts are, the more money you can make.

I have been making money with and MyLot. Both websites were making me some good cash, about 15-20$ a day. After a short period of time, I was making more then 100 forum posts and hour, which is equal to 12-17$/hour.

Conclusion : Making money online with paid forum posting requires some writing skills, but as soon as you get the whole point of this business, you can earn more then 10$ per hour working at home.

I do like this way of earning money , so I would love to hear some feedback about this guide.