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[Expired] How to Make Money by Uploading Files at

Again I am on the track of finding free make money online techniques, but I don’t forget about my mission of fighting plentiful Internet scams, the number of which increases every day.

If you are new to my make money online blog, I would like you to note that most of my posts are written for people, who are looking for free and easy ways to make money on the Internet, so if some of the techniques listed here are not new to you, subscribe to this resource and you are sure to receive free work from home news to your email.

Anyways, one of last posts was about paid to upload websites, which are still popular in terms of earning potential, that’s why I got several emails for people asking me to investigate one new (or recently relaunched data hosting service) –


Earn money by uploading

I am pretty glad to have worked on the get paid to niche for a long while, that’s why I know for sure that is somehow associated with, which didn’t possess a pure reputation (according the the blog posts and forum topics found on google), well lets take a closer look at this website.

Is a "paid to upload scam"? or is a free file hosting and image hosting and music sharing portal, where users can also get money for uploading such goodies. All registered members, after uploading files to their servers get download links, which could be easily distributed on the web (the main concept was started by such websites like LetitBit and, the reviews of which you can find in Make Money By Uploading And Sharing Files category).

Does pay money for sharing files?

For every successful downloads members receive money (up to 30 EUR for every 1000 downloads, terms apply here). Apart from giving a flat fee, the owners of also have a revenue sharing system, which works like this – suppose you sent a download link to your Internet friend, who wants to get your file pretty fast and he liked the service and decided to apply for a premium membership, which costs money – as a result, you receive a definite amount of money sent on the premium membership (3 EUR), because you have referred this customer.

Also there seems to be a referral program, but I don’t quite understand the main terms of service. As far as I understand, users can get up to 50% of the money made by their referrals, which makes this paid to upload website look more like an Internet scam.

To sum everything up, after reading all the information on the website I can not tell that it has been developed to perfection, there are many flaws in the affiliate program description and such paid to upload rates seem to be “too good to be true”. I don’t know how to call this one, so I would appreciate your comments and feedback regarding or

Thanks for reading, I hope this article about making money with data sharing had some useful information for you. See you in several days in my next post about earning money from home.

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