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How to Make Money by Providing Expert Knowledge Online with

For a pretty long time I have been looking for the easiest way to make money online and so far I came up with a whole list of links. These are the links to websites, which could help us earning money from home by doing all possible things on the Internet you can even get money online for free for doing quick and easy tasks (help people to find information, answer questions for money, writing articles for cash rewards and other stuff).

As for me, working as a freelancer on the Internet is the best choice for a make money online newbie. Most of the time freelance jobs require us to have special skills (SEO skills, web-design or programming abilities), but sometimes we can receive money for doing simple work – writing articles and even answering questions (providing expert advice in exchange of money).

Your knowledge means a lot, we are all experts in some field of study, some know a lot about their hobbies, some people have a pretty nice college degrees and some, like me, spend a lot of time on the Internet looking for interesting information. We all posses knowledge, the knowledge someone will be willing to pay us for.

Get paid to give answers to the questions at is the website, which can help you earning money by answering user questions. If you have expertise in something, you can register and make money by helping other people in solving their issues. I have been browsing their community and have found what exerts are getting money for. And I found out that there are questions, which can give you up to 45$ (in case you know the right answer or the solution to the problem).

Being an expert is a lot of fun, provided you are passionate about the stuff you like and really want to help people (and earn extra cash from home, of course). After signing up with, users are able to update their profiles, which should reflect the level of expertise and depending on this, users get 50%-75% of the money generated by their answers (which is pretty good, if you compare with websites, which pay you to write articles on the Internet).

In addition, every expert can get money (50% of the revenue), if someone else is willing to reveal his/hers previous answers to the questions. Such way of making money should attract a lot of new experts, who will eventually start making money from home. As far as I understand is paying via PayPal, but I wasn’t able to allocate the minimum cashout limit.

Thanks for reading my blog post about earning money by answering questions at I do hope that you will like this way of earning money and would recommend you to subscribe to, as far as I will be writing more about websites, which give money for creating content and doing all possible freelace jobs on the Internet (including answering questions for money).

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