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[Expired] Make Money by Selling Files Online – Review

I like making money for free and I use my computer and Internet for this. Mainly I complete freelance jobs on the Internet and look for other creative and profitable work from home opportunities, preferably ones, which is help me to resolve my money needs once and forever.

It is not a secret that in order to make a lot of money online you need to be a professional at least in something, so far I have several things I am pretty good at, so I try to develop my skills more and more. Making money with get paid to upload websites is one of my latest discoveries and so far I did earn a good deal of money with this free make-money-online technique.

The world of Internet earning opportunities grows like crazy and right now you can not only upload your files and get paid for downloads, but also sell your own created products or files (applies only to those, which fully belong to you) or promote other people’s files and get paid for it.

How to earn by selling and uploading files at

Before I start, I really want to tell that I am not affiliated with and only starting to work with this website (it may end up being scam after all). I did a lot of reading on the web and asked my Internet business buddies about, so I would really like to hear your thoughts about - free way to earn money by selling files

SellMyFile is a free marketplace for designers, programmers or software developers, who would like to make money by selling their products online. There is only a small fee, in case your product is bought. Well, this make money online blog is created for Internet business newbies, so instead of developing our products, we could try to participate in the affiliate program of SellMyFile and receive up to 85% of the product commission.

If you really want to earn money by selling or promoting files and documents on the web, please read carefully the terms of service of this website, because it looks too unprofessional to me. I think I already blogged about services, which give you money for sharing documents (this may be a nice alternative too).

All in all, I wish Sell My File is a legit and paying website and we all will be able to earn some free money in our spare time. If you have any information about this project or its owner, please let us know in the comment section. Thanks for reading, please subscribe to and support me in the fight with Internet-based scams.

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