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[Payment Proof] Earn by Selling Context Links – Review

Blogging about possible ways of earning money from home is a great hobby of mine, I work on the Internet and personally try to earn as much cash as possible (because it is my part time job, so the more cash I manage with the help of world wide web – the better).

Anyways, I began earning money over the web with pretty newbie-type ways of making money on-line (but they still were generating the revenue for me, so make money online techniques such as free paid surveys and offers still work and can make all of us good income for free).

I did start using more and more complex ways of earning money on the web and not very long ago I have created some websites especially for selling sponsored links on them.

There are several posts about this on and I promised my readers to check if it is possible to make money with the help of a blog and a webmaster link marketplace, which is called

Anyways, if you are not familiar with, please check my article and review of link marketplace.

In several words, is a great way to earn money with any website, no matter how many visitors per day you have. Here advertisers value your search engine stats and here you can really make money with your Google PR.

How to earn cash by selling links at

Integration of is pretty simple, to tell the truth, I have just installed a wordpress plug-in on a website, which I use to make money with and forgot about it (but the revenue only grows with every link I sell).

I just love this webmaster link marketplace – you can sell as many links (including your blogroll links) per page as you want, but be careful, because search engines may become suspicious of you (right now I sell about 3-4 links per page and get pretty nice revenue with no negative effects on my search engine positioning).

And just to give you an example, on my blog I get an approximate of 15$-20$ per every link sold (but this affected only the front page, as far as it has higher rank).

I did get paid by them several times and pays you on the beginning of every month (which is pretty cool). I have decided to get paid by paypal and I just love this system.

So if you have a website, but want to make more money and don’t pay a lot of attention to your traffic, try Text-Link-Ads, it’s a great advertising platform and here you can receive good money for placing text ads on your website (there are alternative text ad networks, for example, in case you want to increase your earnings learn more about making money with – I got paid by them too).

Thanks for reading my blog, this was kind of an update-post, but still, I think that there is a lot of money to be made with websites, which have good PR rank, so if you own some of these, start making money (or it is newer too late to build a new one). If you would like to receive free make money online and work from home updates, just subscribe to (it is free).


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