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How to Make Money Online Answering Questions and Surveys?

Internet is a great tool for finding information for free, but sometimes we end up with no results. If you are looking for an answer to some question, but can’t find the exact data you need on the web, this means that it was not yet created by bloggers, wiki editors or content writers, who like to hand out on various forums and discussion boards.

So how is such introduction is connected with free ways of making money? Don’t you see the link between these items. If the questions to the answers are nowhere to be found, this means that there are websites for people, who want to get their questions answered, but for a small amount of money.

Lets reverse such a concept and you will see how easy it could be to make money answering questions online. Millions of people are looking for qualified help and you are are knowledgeable about something, why not use your brains and make several bucks for free?


How it earning money answering questions possible?

If my previous words didn’t make you believe that get money for answering questions on the web is for real let me supply some good facts.

Lets assume that you need to find out the answer to the question – “How to make money for free by answering surveys?”, but where would you go, which websites would you use? Would you leave this up to the search engines, which sometimes show outdated results or low quality information?

Make money answering questions

I think you would refer to human wisdom, which could be found on plentiful niche forums and Q&A (Question and Answer) websites. These services will surely help you get quick information, usually from different sources and based on actual experience and if you are lucky you will get answers for free, but what do people, who help you, get in return?

In some extend they make money by answering your questions, they could refer you to a sponsored website or your question will eventually attract visitors to sponsored websites, all in all, there is a lot of money to be made by answering questions online, take a look at Yahoo Answers service, where thousands of people answer questions and get either targeted traffic or product sales, only by leaving questions to human answers.

Two approaches to getting paid for answering questions

Personally, I have been in this business for a pretty long time, answering questions could bring a lot of benefits, not only money benefits, but also brand popularity and traffic (awesome fact if you are a blogger, affiliate marketer or website owner).

The paid to answer niche has two large subdivisions, you can:

  1. make money online answering questions by yourself (share your knowledge and get paid)
  2. pay other people to answer questions by creating your own Q&A website (you don’t have to invest a lot in order to receive your first financial benefits)

Lets start with the idea of earning money answering questions by yourself. By using this work from home technique you can either – receive money to your PayPal account for every accepted answer; answer user questions and receive a revenue share according to the popularity of your answers or use answering questions for generating traffic to your website (traffic is targeted visitors, who can become your potential clients or can generate leads to your affiliate program links).

As you can see, earning money by answering questions is a pure free way of making cash from home, lets take some time to review websites, which pay money to answer user questions or problems.

Where to earn money by sharing expert advice?

If you belong to loyal readers to this make money online blog, you probably know about “paid to answer” category on, where most of these websites are listed, but I give a brief outline of all sites, which pay money for answering questions or daily surveys (this is just list of websites and short reviews, please click the logo to check out the review of a selected Q&A website). This list is being updated on regular basis, new websites are addeed to the top.

Jobs of WordPress experts

Attention all WordPress experts. is a free community offering a possibility to make money with the help of WordPress knowledge. Register, start answering questions and sharing expert advice. If your answers get high ratings or are picked by the asker – you receive a cash prize (from 5 to 100 dollars per question).

Detailed overview

Monetize your knowledge with – global knowledge market is looking for new users. If you feel that you are knowledgeable enough to sell your ideas on the net, then check out; they may end up giving you a way to earn cash by giving advice on the net.

Detailed overview

AT people make money for answering questions – with the help of this website you can make money on revenue sharing basis. Just provide good advice on the web, market your answers and enjoy money rolling into your account.

Detailed overview - make money online for free – use this website to give advice on the web and receive answers to your questions. Answer as much answer requests as you can and earn points. All points are redeemable for cash – take a look at their leader-board and see how much other members have already earned.

Detailed overview - make money by answering questions – this is where your knowledge can be valued for sure. Knowledgeable members can earning good money by giving advice on Here the person, who gives the best answer will be treated to the cash prize – up to 6 dollars for an answer.

Detailed overview

Get paid to answer questions and give advice with – browse questions, provide good answers and get a chance to earn money online. The best answer can give you up to $2 and the more good answers you provide, the higher your chance to making a 40 dollar payout is.

Detailed overview - get paid to answer questions – paid question and answer website, where you can bid on questions (provided you know the right answer) and get money if your answer is accepted by a person, who created the question. Check out my review for more information.

Detailed overview

How to make money online with – earn money online by being a search guide. ChaCha is one of the largest search-help services on the web. Here users earn money by providing search help. In live chat a person gives you a questions, which you can to answer. By providing right answers and getting good ratings from readers you can earn good money from home.

Detailed overview - easy way to earn money through Internet – is a good website for knowledgeable people, who like doing research and writing articles for money. This service provides a large variety of earning possibilities for freelancers. Also they have an option of getting paid for answering questions. Check out the initial review for more information.

Detailed overview

Get paid to answer questions and post articles at is a free wiki-like website, where you can make money by both writing content, answering questions and editing their content website (proofread articles, add more stuff or leave the information you think to be appropriate). As for me, this is one of the best sites from this list, but it requires a lot of time and knowledge for you to get started (high level of English knowledge is required).

Detailed overview - receive money for tutoring is more of a website for tutors, but they are features for people, who want to get paid for answering questions. Most of the questions and tasks are connected with science, school or college stuff, so if you were good student, you can possibly make good money by tutoring online at AceYourCollegeClasses.

Detailed overview

Get free Amazon prizes for answering questions at – Q&A website, which rewards users with special participation points. If you questions are highly ranked by users and site visitors, you receive more points for every question you answer. HelpOwl website covers a great variety of topics, which makes the earning easier. Points could be redeemed by special prizes from Amazon Store.

Detailed overview

Make money by answering questions at – are you an exert in something? Sure you are! is created for knowledgeable people, mostly Internet users, who want to earn good money by answering questions and assisting people with their requests and problems. LivePerson requires a high level of expertise, so there is a pre-screening process to be passed.

Detailed overview

Make money from home with is yet another website for monetizing your knowledge and skills. Here you can answer member questions and receive money for every accepted answer (money will be deposited to your account, as soon as the customer is satisfied), take a look at this website, if you want to make money for free, but high level of expertise should be taken into consideration too.

Detailed overview

Get paid to give answers to the questions at – another website for experts to make money with. At Answer Gem members get money for answering special questions and if your answering is picked as the best, you receive your money right away. This website could be described to be pretty lively, because I have seen several questions to be added today, which is a great record.

Detailed overview

Get paid to answer questions with is one of the most creative Q&A websites I have seen so far. Users can answer questions, the higher the question is rated, the higher chances of being displayed it has. If we speak from the point of a user, not expert, is an Internet robot-program, which is ready to answer almost all of your questions or requests.

Detailed overview

WebAnswers - get paid to answer questions – a good alternative to Yahoo Answers, but here members can get a revenue share for their time spent on this website. Your earnings depend on such factors as your activity, quality and rating of your contributions (if you satisfy users with your answers, you have higher chances of earning). Money are deposited to your Google Adsense account (this is an adsense revenue sharing site).

Detailed overview

Earn by answering questions at

At users get paid for such things as content writing and answering of questions. Askables website develops very quickly, this means that authors are having a good time on this site and get paid in time. Check out this service if you want to get paid for the amount of work you get done, not for the traffic (as with adsense revenue sharing Q&A sites).

Detailed overview

Answer questions for money at – is a popular website, where experts make money by answering user questions and resolving problems on the chat or over the phone (I don’t know if this offer is still available). But still, is a sure working website for earning money online, it is free and easy to use.

Detailed overview

Make Money Online Answering Questions At – not very active Q&A website, but I guess they still offer the “paid to answer” possibility, I am looking for user feedback regarding this website, hopefully it still functions well and freelancers can still earn money here.

Detailed overview

Making money with Yahoo Answers – actually not a paid to answer website, but this is the biggest and the most popular Q&A website ever. Great for generating traffic and affiliate sales, but don’t get caught by the moderators, it is pretty easy to be called for spamming. I did write several nice posts about making money with, for example: great ways to generate and monetize traffic from Yahoo Answers.

Scams opportunities and expired offers

Unreliable online job sites

Like with other websites offering work at home jobs or methods to earn, Q&A and survey websites sometimes get closed or are run by dishonest owners. This is why we are try to help you stay away from scam offers and run this list of closed offers and online scams. – (unfortunately closed) was a good source for human wisdom, here experts provided a great variety of services. I wish this work from home opportunity was still available. – search engine optimization is a hard thing to study but if you expert in this filed of study, then why not earn with the help of your knowledge. ExpertSeoForum website allows you to ask questions and get paid for giving answers. – with the help of this interesting Internet business model users can earn money by giving answers to questions online. This site has both positive and negative websites. The negative thing is that they are new to this business and the good thing is that they pay money on revenue sharing basis (70%-80%) so you can influence your earnings by promoting your answers. is an online community, which is filled with answers to popular questions. With the help of this website you can find answers to questions, which bother you or make money by contributing to their community. accepts relevant answers, which are at least 4 sentences long.

I have almost forgotten to write about the second way of earning money with Q&A websites, I guess I will show you how to set up your website of this type and make money with it in my future posts, because this one looks too big already.

Thanks for reading my blog post on making money with paid to answer websites. If you are interested in getting paid to answer questions at home, I think I have included everything you need to get your started. The only thing you may need is my help or suggestions, so feel free to leave your questions, thoughts and ideas about answer surveys & questions for money and I will be glad to assist you.


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