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How to Make Money Online for Free by Answering Questions at

From time to time, when I am looking for some random make money online news I stumble upon a whole niche of Internet business. Several weeks ago I really wanted to find out more about earning money by writing articles, creating content and providing expert knowledge (or answer human questions for money).

I did come up with a big list of freelance job boards and paid to write websites, but among them was one link – Well, with Mahalo you can make money by answering questions and providing expert knowledge and user support. So I went on looking for websites, where we can get money for answering questions, I knew that knowledge is power, but now I am pretty sure that we can make good money for sharing your experience and knowledge on the Internet.

So far I have created a whole category for such websites and today I have another entry to make. is a great Internet service, where users can find answers to any question, but this service would charge them for this. There is a whole lot of experts, who are willing to help the users, who need professional help.

If you have knowledgeable in some field of study or can name yourself an expert in something (to tell the truth, we are all experts in something) you can become a guide at and earn good money (I see that good guides are getting $0.5-3$ per minute working on the website).

Make money with your expert advice at

Make money by answering questions at

It sounds pretty cool, provided you have the appropriate knowledge, but there is another way of making money with this website. They have a pretty nice affiliate program. You can place their referral banners on your website and receive up to 100$ for every new client referred to (if order to get cash you need to place banners on your site and refer a user, who will ask and pay for at least one expert consultation).

This website is sightly different from other services I have been blogging about in the “Make Money Answering Questions” category. What I am trying to tell is that you don’t need to be an expert to make money from home, you can check out other websites of this type or try your luck in making money with

Anyways, the whole idea, which stands behind earning cash with your knowledge is pretty attractive and has good earning potential. If you are good at something and can supply your expert knowledge, why not do it at LivePerson and get good money for doing so. In order to become an expert at Live Person you need to fill in a quick registration form and it won’t take a lot of your time.

Thanks for reading, I will be blogging more about making money at home pretty soon (I do want to cover some stuff on the free paid surveys category), so you can subscribe to my blog for free and get these updates straight to your email address.


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