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How to Make Money for Free with

Making money on the Internet is my favorite hobby, because this is the activity, which both brings me satisfaction and money. is made for people, who want to make money online for free and would like to get started as soon as possible. I write posts based on my own earning experience and today this post will be purely about my success with, I will give you some tips and provide my latest payment proofs.

Earning money with paid to upload (check out my recent posts for more info), is relatively easy, because you just have to share your files (music, videos, documents, college stuff, ect) with your friends, relatives or blog readers.

How to make money with

First of all, let me quickly revise some key moments, is a free service for storing your files, which has a superior affiliate program and allows people to make money by uploading and sharing files. This paid to upload service has been already reviewed on and I received a lot of questions, the main of which was – how to make good money by sharing files at - get paid to upload and share files

There are two sure-working methods, one of them is sharing documents yourself, the other is referring new people, who will do the work, but you will collect the royalties. Let me give a brief outline on the first approach, because the second one is pretty straight forward.

If you are a member of Uploading service already, log in to your account and follow their system news. The owners are pretty smart enough to have shared some tips for earning more money with paid to upload. They give recommendations about the file sizes (but usually larger files generate more money) and even gave a list of forums and blogs, where you can post links to your files for free.

Payments from

The promotion of your files is the key to making money. Personally, I have created a site, where I share my links and promote it pretty hard, as a result, I have reached an automated income, after several month of work, I quit working on my paid to upload link promotion, but the profit never drops, it only increases. payments

Remember, when you want to start to make money online for free, you have to understand how get paid to upload sites work and that proper promotion could double or even triple your earnings. On the image above you can see how much money I have already made with The administrators are very nice and they provide me with weekly payments.

Thanks for reading, I do hope that you are now excited about earning money with get paid to upload websites and will start making good money for free. Please leave your comments and subscribe to my Internet business feed. Thanks for reading.

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