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How to Make Money Online on Twitter for Free – Review

Internet is a superb way to make money for free with no investment. Many people, who visit this website are looking for sites, where they could make money for free. My previous blog entries featured such work from home techniques as: earning money by writing, getting paid to upload and even receiving money for listening to the music.

Today I have yet another pretty exciting make money online technique to write about. Nowadays, social networks and various 2.0 projects are possessing superior popularity. is one of the most popular websites nowadays, millions of people use this service, so it’s no wonder to me that it is possible to make money with twitter these days.

How to make money online with a Twitter account?

This way of earning money was previously featured on and I have even highlighted several types of sites, which pay money for twitter advertising (make sure to check out these posts).

This type I spotted another good site for making money at Twitter, but the thing is that it is fairly new. is a Twitter advertising company, which has developed a whole to approach to earning money at Twitter, which is called Premium Tweets (these are subscription-based niche targeted twitter pages, which provide top class information on the subject).

In order to start making money with, you don’t need to pay any upfront fees, the registration is totally free of charge (like on other sites, where you can make money with Twitter accounts). This is a great deal, if you are already using Twitter for sharing your thoughts on the subject and have a lot of subscribers.

Get paid to use Twitter with

Making money with requires you to set your Twitter account to private and activate the system of Twitpub. This will make your Twitter account a subscription-based one (users will have to pay money in order to gain access to your Twitter account). will handle all the payments and you will be getting 80% of the money generated by the subscriptions.

All in all, sounds like a pretty good way of making money with Twitter, but I don’t really see it working on my site (because users can find a related free source of information, instead of visiting my Twitter account, for example). The minimum cashout at Twitpub is equal to $25 for PayPal payments and $50 for people, who want to get paid by check.

Thanks for reading, I do hope that you will start making money with Twitter and Twitpub will help you with such a mission. If you liked this post, please leave your comments and ideas or subscribe to my feed in order to receive my daily make money online updates.

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