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[Expired] How to Make Money Online with Forum Posting – Review

Internet is a global marketplace, where thousands of people not only buy goods, bu also make money. The idea of online business has been greatly developed over the past years and now making money on-line is a common thing unlike it was several years ago, when people have just started learning about making money at home (by taking various surveys, offers and so on).

During the era of paid surveys and offers I have created this blog and started writing about all possible ways to earn cash from home. Paid forum posting was one of the first earning techniques, which was featured on this website and now I have yet another creative idea of making money for free by using forums.

How to make money by posting on forums with

Posting on forums for profit is a superb idea, but no one really treats it is a way of earning money these days. As for me, forum posters consider making money with forums as a good additional income (several months ago I have seen people, who fully monetized their popular forum accounts by selling signature page, home page links and even their avatar space). The idea of selling avatar space for money has been well developed by - avatar advertising network is a pretty new project, which is represented by a multi-feature avatar advertising space. Here users can make money by being active at forums, which are supported by The system of AvatAds will show relevant image ads instead of your avatar and you will be getting 30% of the cash made from these ads. is a pretty new concept of earning money with forums. Right now they support three good forums, where you can start posting and get an opportunity of earning money with avatar advertising. So far I featured several nice ways of making money by posting on forums and is one of them, please check out this related post for more info on free ways to earn money with discussion boards. service is being developed on daily basis and I am looking forward to using their services both as advertiser and forum poster. I enjoy their idea and will try to contribute to the development of such an exciting way of making money with forums.

What do you think about Please leave your comments and ideas. And now, thanks for reading my post on how to earn money by posting on forums with AvatAds’ avatar advertising network. Feel free to subscribe to and leave your valuable comments.


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