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[Expired] How to Make Money Just by Uploading to

Right now I am looking to find new ways of making money from home. I don’t want to discover brand new earning techniques, because I already know some cool ones and I would love to spend more time looking into my favorite ones.

I have always been saying that earn money uploading files on the web was one of my favorite money-making techniques. With paid to upload websites you can share your images, photos, videos, music and other documents and receive money every time they are being downloaded. Paid to upload websites are just getting hotter and hotter and I see that more people seem to be making good money by sharing files on the web.

So, in order to earn money by uploading photos you need to find some cool free data hosting websites (or choose the best paid uploading site for you). You can sure browse my category, which is called “Make Money By Uploading And Sharing Files”. But today I would love to review just another free data hosting website, it is called and here you can host your data files totally free.

If you have some interesting data files you can share with your friends or blog readers, you can upload them to InstaFiles and start receiving money for every download your visitors or friends generate. The registration at InstaFiles is totally free and if you want to start making money by sharing your files on this website, feel free to create yourself an affiliate account.

Ways to make money by uploading files at

Register and get paid to upload at

For every generated download registered affiliates at InstaFiles can receive up to 3 dollars (the minimum amount of money you will be getting per download is set at 50 cents). Such rates sound pretty nice and I guess this website works just like (your visitors will have to complete some type of an incentive offer in order to get some free stuff, I have been writing more about that in my ShareCash review, so you can read more by following the link provided).

Speaking of payments, yes, you will be getting money for uploading and sharing files at, and the minimum cashout limit is currently set at 20$ and the withdrawal options are limited to PayPal and check payments. Making money with this website should be easy (assuming you just need something like 40 downloads to get your first money) and also they have some other ways of making money with them. With InstaFiles you can earn money by referring your friends. The referral bonus is equal to 15%, so there is some earning potential in this too.

Anyways, is a brand new paid to upload website with a pretty nice affiliate program, so you can join it and start earning cash by sharing your data files. Thanks for reading my blog, if you are new to making money with paid to upload websites, you can read my guide, where I explain the whole earning process. Hope you liked my posts and if you did feel free to leave your comments and subscribe to (it’s totally free!).

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