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How To Make Money Sharing Your Links

A lot of us own a website and extra income opportunity won’t hurt us a all! Recently I have found a brand new opportunity which allows website owners make money for every link click generated on their website. For instance if you have a blog, just like, and you have a lot of users daily, there is a potential to earn a lot of money from every click.

Here is how it works :

  1. You generate a sponsored redirection link from your blog
  2. When users clicks it, he will see a short 10 second advertisement
  3. You make up to 4$ for every 1000 link clicks!

Sounds good enough for you, then take a look at websites which pay you to share links : – is the first website of this kind. They will reward you with 1-4$ for every advertisement views. There are no link limits or other restrictions. So if you have a lot of websites, traffic and users, then you may consider using! is out of business, I am currently working on finding other alternatives.

LinkBucks – is another website that will pay you to share links. It’s more advanced then, and I think it’s the only advantage of LinkBucks. Also they offer you the advanced pricing for every site you own (depending on the popularity)

So as you see, there are more and more monetization methods nowadays. Feel free to share this post and leave your feedback about this!

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