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How to Catch Lockerz Redemption Page Live and Get Prizes? – November Updates

Internet – what benefits are you getting from this world wide web? Speaking for myself, I can easily communicate with my friends all over the world by using social networks, and it is not a big secret, but also I can make money online with the help of various work from home opportunities.

First of all, I test “make money” techniques and only then write my reviews and post them to The process of finding, reviewing and testing out these websites and sites, which pay users for online activity is very time consuming, that is why I talk to my friends, who are into Internet business and find out some stuff from them too.


What to expect from

Anyways, today I would really love to answer some questions for people, who are reading this website and like to way of making money with paid social networks, one of which is (I know that I have added tons of posts regarding this community service, but people just won’t stop emailing me and asking whether Lockerz is a scam or not).

Well, well, today I really want to talk over such things/questions – “is lockerz social network a scam?”, “how to find out when lockerz redemption page is live?”, “what are the odds of getting prizes from this network?”, “what are good alternatives to Lockerz?

Okay, my fellow readers, lets take one step at a time. I have a personal story to tell you, I do hope this story with clarify everything for you. I have been a member of lockerz site for a year now (yay, you can congratulate me on this), I have over 15000 ptz and have not received a single prize, as far as my stuff is still “pending” (I may as well be my own fault, so I have nothing against this company). But still, I had some positive experience with this project, I did receive a free lockerz t-shirt (hey, check out my post, where I show off my first lockerz prize), which I wear from time to time, so I guess referring these 20 referrals was not a waste of time.

So, what am I driving at? Lockerz is a pretty old website, as for me, it got over-saturated. Millions of users all over the world are using this paid social network and waiting eagerly to get their free stuff, this means that the chance of receiving your prize is getting lower and lower. This partially answers the question number three and we will get back to that later.

Lockerz redemption page? Lets get it straight!

Okay, lockerz redemption and redemption page. With the growth of “population at lockerz planet” their website gets more and more glitches and it is no wonder, people tend to like free stuff, but what about the redemption page? To tell the truth, I have not seen it go live in almost a month, even though I am a Z-list member and got some emails about the upcoming redemptions. The best option for not missing the redemption is joining forums related to such websites, there you will be able to find hundreds of people like you, talk to them and you will find the best solutions.

Personally, I got disappointed about this paid social network and use if rarely, maybe it is because I have seen to many negative videos on Youtube, connected this this website, I don’t really know, but my thought is – I have a fat chance of getting my prizes from l-o-c-k-e-r-z, full stop.

Alternative paid social networks to

I am pretty sorry if you expected something different from this post and I want to make it at least a little more positive and will show you one great alternative to Lockerz. Fribiz has a slightly different concept, but I still call it a paid social network, a website, where users get free stuff for being themselves. I like this “free prize opportunity” very much, because you don’t have to fill any surveys or participate in crazy offers, I have received several prizes so far, and you can check out my personal reviews of, by following the link above.

To sum it up, has become more of a social network, than a website, where you can get stuff for free. I have a lot of points, but didn’t have a chance to exchange them for prizes. You can surely try your luck here and leave me your thoughts about lockerz. Thanks for reading and subscribe to if you would like to get special news and updates about Lockerz from me.

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