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How To Start Making Money Over The Internet By Answering Questions At

So today I will extend my ideas a little more and will continue developing my idea of making money by answering questions. The whole idea of getting free traffic from Yahoo Answers is to help other people, but let me start from the beginning, actually with basic information.

What is Yahoo Answers? – a free to join website, where you can ask your themed questions and receive answers from other website users in real time. Usually, the answers are based on user’s personal experience, which makes this website (and the submissions) more trustworthy. For every answered question you are getting points, which can be spent on the website (by asking questions).

So far there are 12 different Yahoo Answers websites (in various languages), so you can offer your answers posting service even to a larger variety of advertisers (if you do speak foreign languages). But anyways, if you need qualified answer to any question of yours, this website is a nice find for you.

How does Yahoo Answers system work?

When you register on Answers! you receive a certain amount of points to spend, as far as I remember it’s 100 points. At this time your user level is set at “Level 1”, this means that you have certain restrictions – no more then 5 questions asked a day and the limit of 20 questions to answer. For every question you answer, the system adds 2 points to your account, so you can make up to 40 points a day.

Also you can vote for other member’s questions and answers, this will give you 1 extra point for every action. If your answer is nominated as “Best answer” you receive 10 points to your account and your best answers percentage will be calculated.

Yahoo Answers Money Making

The more points you get, the higher reputation you have, you can google for Yahoo answers level points, but as far as I know, you need 250 posts to reach level 2, 5000 answers’ points for the level 5 and over 25,000 to reach the highest level.

So the more points you have and the higher your level/best answers percentage is – the more money you can make answering questions for money.

Why is making money by answering questions possible?

Assuming that you have good experience with Yahoo answers website, you actually have everything to get started, but why is it possible to earn money answering questions?

  • Multiple webmaster boards claim that you can even make money by using CPA ads on Yahoo! Answers. It’s one of a kind traffic method
  • Yahoo Answers are well indexed by various Internet search engines, so many website owners wouldn’t be against having some quality traffic for such a low price
  • There are millions of users all over the world, this could be a pretty nice business model
  • A lot of autoblog websites are based on Answers!, so your customers will receive a bunch of free backlinks in addition to traffic from

In my previous post I have given you some examples of what you need to start earning money with Yahoo, so I think you know where to can start. But I will continue my research and will give you some hot niches you can start with. I was also thinking about creating a free example for those, who don’t really think that this traffic is sure working and users are targeted or interested in your website topic.

Anyways, thanks for your attention and I am always looking forward to your tips or recommendations.


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