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How to Write Articles Online and Receive Cash Rewards from

I have been looking forward to earning more money online, as far as it is summer right now and I have more time to make my researches and write content. Hopefully you have not missed my previous posts, where I was writing about pretty cool things (first of all, there was a post about redemption at – pretty neat topic to discuss at the moment, as far as Lockerz is getting more popular, so people want to know when new redemption will take place).

New content on Income Booster is being added several times a week, so I hope you have time to catch up with my new ideas and reviews regarding earning money from home. Two or three days ago the review of has been posted (just to remind you, this website pays to write articles and reviews online), I used to work a lot with them, but I think that it is still a great money-maker.

Today lets talk about, which is a pretty cool website for those, who want to write articles online and receive money for this. Factoidz is a pretty huge internet expert advice directory, which is looking forward to producing more and more quality content, so what is your part in this chain?

We all know that the content is the king and it usually determines how good for a blogger you are and how much money you can possibly earn from home by writing articles and reviews. Freelance content writers can start thinking about partnering up with Factoidz, as far as they are looking for long time relationships and the fact that you will be earning money per every 1000 views makes it website even more attractive in terms of potential earnings.

Get paid to write articles with

Why do I think so? Well, getting paid to write online could be sometimes complex, but if you know a bit of SEO and can use keywords and title tags the right way, you will generate a lot of traffic and money (here is what I think about making money by writing at this website – Factoidz is a pretty old website and they have pretty good rankings, even their about page states that they publish only top quality content, so your earnings will be top quality too, if you manage to find low competitive keywords and supply them with cool submissions – the traffic won’t be such a big of a deal, but this is my objective thought, which is based on intermediate blogging and search engine optimization knowledge).

Now lets speak of the payment rates, Factoidz claims to be paying somewhere in between 4 and 10 dollars for every 1000 article views (pretty nice, considering that some articles of mine, on have already been viewed 20k times, so I have could have made 80-200$ per article, and the revenue would still grow, sounds great).

Well, if you are an expert in some sphere of knowledge and know how to write great, informative and competitive articles – try, they are pretty nice offers for everyone, who has ever given a thought about the process of getting paid to write online articles.

Don’t hesitate, write and earn money with Factoidz. I have checked their feedback and it seems pretty nice. I am nohow affilaited with and have never worked for them, so I would love to hear some experience of yours, if you have given a try to their “paid to write” program. Even if this offer won’t work out for you, don’t be sad about it, you can write for and earn money for this (this website offers a pretty nice Google Adsense revenue sharing offer, so I consider that no one should miss out such an opportunity).


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