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The constant search for new work at home opportunities and interesting ways to generate profit on the Internet has made my spending time on the Internet even more exciting. I can’t remember a day, when I wouldn’t learn something new about online business or find a link to a new work at home job.

World wide web has become a number one platform for earning money not only for students and teenagers but also work at home moms/dads, copywriters, programmers and social media experts. Among all these make money online opportunities, writing content is probably my all time favorite and today I would like to present a new website, where anyone’s writing skills could be easily monetized. is one of the newest, and definitely promising, players in the “get paid to write” niche. For me it is kind of weird to see new websites in the revenue sharing niche of websites, which pay money for writing how-to guides and tutorials. There are such strong players as, and, which seem to control the market and provide great tools for monetizing online content.

Freelance writing opportunities at

All thoughts aside, surprised me with a strong start and a good advertising campaign. By registering on this website you automatically become a part of this “get paid to write” community, which enables you to enjoy tools for earning money by writing content.

On their website you will find a list of requirements for submitted content (these are usual terms, which are applied almost on all websites of this type: only unique content is accepted; users have a chance to add relevant dofollow links to their content, ect.). The two most significant features of this website are: revenue sharing program, which now has been set to 100% adsense revenue sharing and the opportunity to receive additional traffic to your articles by writing well-researched how-to guides (around to 6000 words).

Even though it is a relatively new online earning opportunity, I do hope that this website will turn into a pretty good money-maker. If you start posting your content here today, they odds that it would gain a lot of traffic and generate some adsense revenue are pretty high.

In my future articles I will try to go on describing great websites for generating profits on the web, if you like my content and would like to receive it for free to your inbox, please subscribe to and don’t forget about our social network pages.

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