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On part-time jobs different classes of people have always kept a watchful eye. Students, stay at home moms, teenagers and people, who just want to earn money with the help of their skills are always in the search of extra earning opportunities.

After the rapid development of the world wide web, online jobs have become more frequent and nowadays Internet users can make money with the help of their computers and Internet connections. Usually online work has to do with various types of data entry (writing or editing content), service or product creation (stock photography, freelance programming or design, etc).

Having some experience with earning on the web, I come up with some criteria for finding good sites for earners from all over the world and in this article I would like to say a few words about a money-making method for copywriters and people, who have a good grasp of English language.


What is is a professional content creation service, which powers a network of informative websites. Most of the content produced by HowToHint reveals with writers’ personal experience and is presented in the form of how-to articles.

Use to find writing opps online

Any copywriter interested in earning a part-time income online should learn more about the process of taking up writing jobs from

Available opportunities for copywriters

In order to start working with this company a user is to fill out an application form stating the type of assignments he/she is willing to accomplish.

Currently at you can:

1) write how-to guides and articles based on the topics you specialize in (articles are to be at least 500 words long and every accepted article pays $3);

2) editing articles – article proofreading is yet another way to earn money (for editing grammar and article structure users receive $0.5-$1 per article);

3) title creation – yet another simple way to make extra cash (the pay-rate is pretty low at just $0.02 for every checked article title).

On their website I have read that any accepted copywriter can enjoy a large variety of writing assignments and can easily withdraw their money via PayPal (weekly payments are made on Fridays). HowToHint accepts writers internationally but as far as money are being paid only via PayPal you are to make sure this system accepts your country and you need to register yourself an account too.

Roundup and final thoughts

All in all, having read dozens of comments and forum threads from people, who used I can tell that this is an legit but not a highly-paid method to make money at home. But I have to tell that it will work out very well for getting more copywriting experience, learning article structures and guidelines for titling your articles in the future. I see that international members have a lot of luck by taking up writing jobs with this company.

If you would like to leave your thoughts about this copywriting agency, please leave your comments below. Also I am on my way to adding more links to sites providing opportunities for writers and bloggers, so you can subscribe to this website via email or follow our FaceBook community.

Thanks for reading and good luck working part-time with


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