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Introduction: Recently I stumbled onto another Get Paid To Try website.  I have been registered with it for a long time, and I have to admit that I just forgot about The website I’m going to tell you about it associated with affiliate network, which is the main source for offers and advertiser’s products, not just for this selected GPT site, but for many others. After telling you this, I think that questions “Will I get paid” won’t arise at all. Such huge company won’t risk it’s reputation for a couple hundred dollars.

How to start earning with

To start off, you need to register by filling in the short application.  This website accepts members from all over the world, the only restriction is the amount of offers for certain country. But I think that all countries can enjoy the cash back offer, but more about this just a bit later on. In addiction, IPZ is a great place to earn for kinds. Everyone who is older then 13 years old can register at and take advantage of their offers. Some easy pocket money won’t hurt our children.

After filling in the application and verifying your email address you are all ready to start earning your money. Oh, haven’t stated that members get 5$ reward for signing up, which is really cool, because you can reach the cash-out limit really fast.  By the way, by default the withdrawal limit is set to 20$ and this get paid to try website pays by checks and various gift cards.

So now about earning with this website, there are two ways to making cash with InstantProfitz – complete sponsored offers and shop online getting verious rebates. Both of these work just fine, the first method is great for every earner – all you have to do is try out sponsored products or services, also you can make money playing trivia games and even gamble ; the other one is good when you buy anything online, as far as IPZ co-operates with the most popular online merchants.

Conclusion: Though, I forgot about this awesome income opportunity, it’s not late to sign up and make money online with free products. Even if you don’t want to do surveys or try products, you can always refer your friends or just spread the word on popular social sites like Facebook and MySpace ; also you are always welcome to write about this website on your blog/squidoo lens or HubPage – then just Digg/Stumble it. A lot of people would just love it, especially teenagers, who are always looking for pocket money. You will receive 20% of what your referrals make, and it’s a great start to making good money online.


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