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Is Make Money Opportunity Another Scam?

In my previous post, which was about earning money with I have started answering user questions and as usual got to excited. As for me, it’s a unique work from home opportunity for everyone on the net, but I don’t know why people are asking me whether is another Internet scam?

I think you will start getting the reason for such talks when I tell you more about payments (their payment system is unique and somehow weird). You know that everyone wants to be secure on the Internet now, so at this website, they implemented a pre-payment verification system: a special PIN code will be sent to you by the ground mail. And you can not cash out your money without having this special code.

And as far as I understand, people are calling this website a scam only because it didn’t pay them the money they think deserved. All in all, there are other payment policies you should know about this website. offers you 1$ for registration and 1$ for every member you refer to this website. Getting that much people is not hard at all, but it wasn’t really nice for me to find out that you need to earn 15$ yourself, before cashing out the money at

Anyways, the PIN code should arrive in several days or weeks (no one really knows) and we will know for sure what this website is all about. I am not the one to judge or insist on your joining the website, but you can help me out looking for Internet scams and deciding what is all about and find the answers to unsolved question – is a scam or not?

I’m really glad that you have visited my blog and are staying up to date with my make money online news. In the next posts I will tell you more about earning money with, because I have just got my payment and would like to share the real tips to earning money with file uploads.


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