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Globalization and rapid development of the Internet caused many new opportunities for finding jobs and working in remote locations. Journalists, writers, designers and even teachers can now work from the comfort of their own homes, send the results of their work via Internet and communicate with their employees via telephone or computer-based software such as Skype.

It is hard not to mention how computer technology and Internet changed the education – nowadays many courses are being taught online and furthermore students can even find tutors, who are able to help them from any location. A company, which specializes in virtual teaching and tutoring, is hiring for their work at home position.

What is ISUS?

ISUS, or Ispeakuspeak, is an innovative language learning platform, which helps students learning English as second language get practice with actual native language speaker – a virtual teacher. Currently they are looking forward to hiring new professionals for their virtual teaching/tutoring position. is hiring virtual tutors in English language

Briefly, the requirements for this work at home job are:

– all applicants must be native language speakers (English);

– have experience in operating computers and work in the information technology field, as tutors have to set up video chats, work with teaching materials and guide their students to more efficient language learning;

– experience in tutoring, language teaching or a degree in this field.

For more detailed job description please visit this page: and also you will be able to fill out an application form on this page:

This looks like a superb way to earn money in your spare time, provided you have the required skill set for this job.

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We have done some research about this company and interviewed several workers of Ispeakuspeak and have found out that workers’ experience with this company is predominantly positive. The pay depends on your expertise and country of residence but it is said that workers receive up to 15 dollars per hour tutoring ESL (English as a Second Language) students.

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