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Global mobilization promoted by popularity of handheld computers, electronic reading devices and top-class smartphones prompts leading brands and well-known manufacturers to introduce new services for their customers. Usually these services are aimed at improving the customer service. And nothing works better for this job than getting feedback from actual customers and people, who have been using certain products for a long stretch of time.

Recently, Facebook users received an opportunity to install a special add-on, which allows them to review their favorite brands, take short surveys and leave feedback about brand products in return for money or rebates. has designed this application and let’s find out more about it.


What is is a brand new social service, which is intended to help manufacturers and leading brands build a strong connection with their customers, collect data, which is important for their product development and reward loyal participants with the help of application. As this service is realized only with the help of FaceBook, an account on this social network is a prerequisite. - share thoughts about brand products

Apart from this there are some other points on the check list of getting started with Jingit:

1) residence in the United States of America (permanent address)
2) a personal cell phone number
3) being at least 13 years of age

If these terms allow you to register then it is the right time to see what actions can earn you money at Jingit. First of all, you can watch videos with sponsored products, check out products and services, provide your reviews of manufacturers’ products, use mobile application for getting latest deals and completing quick in-store tasks.

Benefits of using looks like a well carried-out project, which can come in handy, when it comes to getting deals in popular stores and earning additional money. I see the main benefits of signing up with this site in:

– a mobile application for instant deals and rebate alerts;
– ability to refer friends and increase a weekly earning limit;
– gaining access to exclusive deals;
– convenient withdrawal option, i.e. a personalized Visa Debit Card

Earning money at

As for me, this is the most exciting part of this website. Every member can earn money by completing the actions listed above in the post but the earning amount is limited to 5 dollars (for new members). By referring new members to Jingit, one can increase his/her balance by $0.25.
Getting paid at sounds like a tricky process: one has to register at pre-paid Visa Debit Card (it costs $2 and this money is deducted from the account balance) but it requires some personal data to fill out (one will have to read all the terms and conditions to feel safe submitting this data but good news is that is partnered up with U.S. Bank).
Once registered and received by the member, Jingit debit card can be used for shopping and cashing out the earnings from the site.

Further reading

Based on recent evidence, a number of new Internet services are using a new approach to getting customer reviews about brands and things they buy or use in daily life. Hopefully, it is a new generation of free paid surveys but only time will show how right or wrong I am now. What I can definitely do now is to suggest several sites similar to

CrowdTap is a crowdsourcing network, where users can earn money and gifts by participating in various polls and surveys. is a cell phone application, which builds a list of local tasts, depending on your geographical locations. Complete required tasks and earn money.

Final thoughts about

The idea on the basis of which was built is relevant to current market and is sure to find a lot of fans and potential users. It is the case, when the number of pros is evidently more numerous than the amount of cons but still there are some things, which make people think twice before adding this application to their FaceBook accounts. Among them: the only available cash-out option (Visa debit card), service is targeted only at one country, US, and finally, still not everyone has a smartphone to enjoy all the functionality of the site.

All in all, is a fun and easy way to earn extra money on sharing thoughts about your favorite products and get sale alerts or instant rebates with the help of an interactive interface.

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