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The idea behind making money online with forums is really simple. There are tons and tons of new forums being created everyday (even I own more then 3 forums). Any webmaster, as well as you, wants to earn money from home and for every website over – members bring the cash flow. But website administrators became a bit smarter, now everyone can just create a brand new community and don’t worry about new members and their posting. That’s how paid forum posting has been born. But every forum posting company needs some people to do the work for them. And I guess now you know what you can do to earn money in your free time.

Many of us visit and contribute to various forums and online communities and I think you already know that content, I mean quality and useful articles, makes you the most money on the Internet.

KickStart Your Forums

Now more about websites that provide you with “get paid to” post jobs. For them it’s just business and they are trying to build up some reputation with your work. So every post, you are being paid for, should be informative and well written. It’s because, if I was buying content for my forum, I would only want the best stuff on my board. So is the right website to look for ways to make money with forums.

They provide you not only with a great amount of forums to choose from, but also pay you top dollar for your hard work. To make money with you have to match these criteria:

  • Have to be at least 18 years old or older (so our younger readers could not join this)
  • Must be able to write in English well enough so everyone could understand you
  • Experience using forums/bulletin boards
  • Ability to write 30 word long posts and replies


The pay varies per job depending on the type of plan their clients choose. KYF posters make a minimum of 0.20$ per post. The more you post the more you make per 100 forum replies/posts (up to 30$ per 100 posts) All in all, you are more then welcome to join forum earning program and get paid for something you are already doing (I know you are).

Paid forum posting was making me quite a lot of money, when I was starting out as web money-maker. Good luck, and I hope you like this way of earning cash from home!

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